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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 3, 2012) -

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Mutual Funds in Canada first started to become popular in the early 60's and very few investors and Canadians knew about them at the beginning. Mutual Funds were understood to be a very sophisticated product at the time and known to be for high net worth clients, families and institutional investing only. It wasn't until the 80's that mutual funds became widely popular for all Canadians and most investors.

Investment Funds in Canada showed tremendous growth during the 80's and 90's. The mutual fund market had minimal assets under management of $25 billion in 1980 and grew many times over to near $700 billion dollars in 1998. As at March 15, 2012 assets under management reached $810 billion with net sales up 7.08 billion. *Source: Investor Economics.

Even though there have been many setbacks in the industry; Mutual Funds have always had a way of re-inventing themselves. There have been problems, issues and market corrections on the way, not to mention some important scandals that were neatly swept away. Today there are over 100 mutual fund companies, investment firms and money managers that serve up close to 4000 independent funds. Regardless of these types of natural problems like greed, market timing and plain bad markets mutual funds and the idea of a collective and well-managed investment scheme still bring the investments and investors.

In recent times more and more varied types of investments have been created, marketed and sold, despite many new alternative investments, the mutual fund may stand the test of time with its current track record, this is one product that understands those who sell, manage and buy these diversified fund products. As long as there are some good returns and risk is kept to a minimum and no one is stealing from you, then you should expect some market turbulence and with it some modest long-term gains.

Mutual Funds Canada gathers all the news, information and data in one place. Canadian Mutual Funds are rated, ranked and screened for the top 10 mutual funds in each of the mutual fund sectors, mutual fund categories and mutual fund asset classes including the overall top 10 mutual funds in Canada with the result being the best mutual funds in the entire Canadian mutual fund market. Mutual Funds in Canada a robust capital market in a growth industry warrants the attention it deserves from an organization dedicated to mutual fund education in Canada.

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