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September 22, 2015 09:00 ET

Mutual of Omaha Announces 20 Aha Moments in the Running to Become National TV Commercial

Mutual of Omaha Selects 20 Semi-Finalists From Nearly 1,000 Moments Recorded Across the Country During the 2015 Aha Moment Tour

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwired - September 22, 2015) - Mutual of Omaha, proud sponsor of life's aha moments, has announced the 20 semi-finalists in its search for the insurance company's next commercial. Mutual of Omaha's 2015 Aha Moment Tour traveled more than 7,700 miles this summer capturing nearly 1,000 life-changing stories of inspiration from everyday people.

"Six years into the Tour, we are still amazed by and committed to the power of aha moments," said Andrew Rouillard, Vice President of Brand Management and Advertising. "Mutual of Omaha is committed to uncovering these stories and giving them a voice, while encouraging others to act on their own aha moments."

After recording nearly 1,000 moments in 20 markets nationwide, Mutual of Omaha selected a semi-finalist in each city the Tour visited this summer. During the next two weeks, Mutual and its internal panel of judges will narrow the field to 10 finalists. Finally, one inspirational story will be chosen through a combination of Mutual of Omaha's panel and online voting at Voting begins on October 5th and ends on October 16th. The chosen commercial will be announced on October 20th and it will be included in Mutual of Omaha's broadcast advertising campaign.

This year's Tour kicked off in Irvine, Calif. on May 4th and visited 20 cities in 19 states through August 7th, wrapping in Santa Cruz, Calif. Along the way, locals were given their shot at 30-seconds of fame as they lined up to share their personal aha moments in an Airstream trailer serving as a mobile television studio. All of the interviews can be viewed at

The 20 aha moment semi-finalists are as follows:

Irvine, Calif.: Kristal
Kristal defied the odds of her learning disability when she graduated from a four-year university. Her aha moment inspired her to walk in inner strength and to never give up hope.

Phoenix, Ariz.: Carrie
Carrie's aha moment connected her passion with her purpose and she now leads an after-school organization empowering young girls across the country.

San Antonio, Texas: Melva
Passionate about inspiring success in youth, Melva, a retired schoolteacher, works with the Youth Literacy Program. Her hope is to give children the reading skills they need to succeed for the rest of their lives.

Jackson, Miss.: Kristy
Kristy works with individuals ages 17-22 to help them transition into adulthood. One of Kristy's favorite stories is when she helped a young woman leave a domestic violence situation. This victory led to the moment she realized she has the power to make a difference.

Birmingham, Ala.: Missy
Missy's aha moment happened when she encountered an adult at the Literacy Council whose life was changed through literacy. Now, she works to inspire others every day.

Chattanooga, Tenn.: Melissa
In providing fresh produce to needy senior citizens at a local food bank, Melissa has seen that hunger is a severe problem in the United States, and is inspired to make a difference.

Savannah, Ga.: Iris
Iris is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Girls on the Run, a character building after school program that empowers girls through fitness. Fitness and athletics changed Iris's life, and she now encourages girls to do things they never believed they could.

Columbia, S.C.: Cheryl
Cheryl's aha moment came from an unlikely source -- her seven-year-old grandson. Cheryl's family has taught her to look past material things and enjoy the life each one of us is given.

Lynchburg, Va.: Bubba
Now 28 years old, Bubba has lost 294 pounds and is in the best shape of his life. His new life and mobility provide him opportunities to have adventures every day, and Bubba encourages others to make healthy life choices.

Harrisburg, Pa.: Lance
After losing his daughter, Lance was inspired to honor her memory. This led to the founding of the Purple Feet Foundation, which connects kids with adults who can help them explore the possibilities their futures hold.

Syracuse, N.Y.: Sam
While volunteering as a teacher in impoverished communities in Guatemala, Sam's worldview was challenged. He now lives every day with gratitude and appreciates the smallest moments in life.

Louisville, Ky.: Misty
Motherhood inspired Misty, a marketing and public relations professional, to leave her job and start her own public relations agency for nonprofit organizations. She spends her time helping fantastic organizations change their communities, and her aha moment carries an important message: "You are only limited by your own imagination."

Madison, Wis.: Sandy
Though supporting her mother through her own battle with cancer, Sandy became the fundraising director for a local nonprofit organization and now lives every day focused on helping others.

St. Paul, Minn.: Kathryn
After a season of feeling like her life was out of her control, Kathryn's aha moment led her open her very own Irish restaurant. This experience has taught her to not let small barriers interfere with a big dream.

Des Moines, Iowa: Donna
Donna was inspired to make an unlikely friend in honor of her friend's passing away. In befriending someone who she never thought she would, Donna has learned that finding common ground with another individual affords productive dialogue about painful and emotional topics.

Sioux Falls, SD: Don
Don's aha moment inspired him to commit to sobriety for 30 days. Thirty years later, Don is still sober, and has transitioned from being unemployed and homeless to being a successful real estate investor.

Denver, Colo.: Mary
Mary, a hospice worker, was inspired by a patient battling ALS. She now works for the ALS Association and is committed to making life easier for families facing the disease.

Seattle, Wash.: Ingrid
Ingrid always wanted to write a memoir, but life seemed to keep getting in the way. Upon the news she was losing her vision, Ingrid took a leap and simply began writing. She finds joy in that she has set an example for her daughters that they can give themselves permission to pursue their dreams.

Portland, Ore.: Alex
After losing his father, Alex realized that life is short. He left his corporate job at an investment firm, moved to Ecuador, met his wife, started an organic farm and now works for a nonprofit organization focused on conservation.

Santa Cruz, Calif.: Apollo
Apollo's aha moment came in Costa Rica when he realized that purpose is more important than money and status. He now works with an organization traveling around the world, teaching youth about healthily dealing with their emotions.

Mutual of Omaha launched its sponsorship of life's aha moments in February 2009 and has captured almost 6,000 moments from people in cities all across the United States. Over 50 commercials have been produced and aired since the campaign's inception. For more information about the Aha Moment campaign, visit

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