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March 23, 2011 11:00 ET

My Garden Footprint Announces Official Launch of its Locally Sustainable Social Network!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - My Garden Footprint ("MGF") ("The Company") is pleased to announce the successful launch of the company's website The first online social network focused on the local and sustainable food movement occurring in British Columbia, Canada. 

The goal of My Garden Footprint is to offer individuals, families, and communities alike the opportunity to become self-reliant from our current food system. How does My Garden Footprint plan to accomplish this drastic movement?

The Company is teaming up with local businesses, producers and organizations to offer consumers top quality, locally produced items from all over British Columbia. The Company has created an online presence by giving local businesses and producers the opportunity to connect and network with potential customers in the My Garden Footprint online community. In just 5 weeks, My Garden Footprint has seen over 40 local businesses and producers signup as members. The business demographics range from a variety of categories. For example these businesses include organic local producers of baby food and natural free-range, grass fed beef producers to name a few.

"We are here to help people eat right and eat local while supporting our local community on the path to becoming the most sustainable and green city in the world," said the Company's head of sales, Kyle Boyko. "Food, believe it or not, is one of our largest contributors to our carbon footprint as a society. The average Canadian meal travels over 4000km to reach our plate. We are here to change this."

The Company is planning to unveil new additions to its social network in the near future including an online marketplace for both businesses and users. The marketplace will focus and highlight local businesses that have become business members of the My Garden Footprint online community.

About My Garden Footprint:

My Garden Footprint is an online community focused on educating individuals about becoming a more sustainable consumer within British Columbia, Canada. The company provides an educational platform for individuals to learn how to garden, cook, and create connections within their local community. My Garden Footprint members can profile themselves in the online community by adding pictures, videos, and important information as it obtains to their business or community.

For more information please contact My Garden Footprint at the information attached to this news release or visit today. 



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