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April 17, 2012 10:41 ET

My New Financial Advisor Announces Innovative Client Referral Platform Focused on Mass Affluent Baby Boomers

Technology Gives Advisors Turn-Key Solution for Attracting and Assisting Boomers With Sophisticated Financial Analysis

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 17, 2012) - My New Financial Advisor, Inc. (MNFA), a client-referral network for financial advisors, announced today a new syndication platform that matches affluent Baby Boomers in need of financial management with advisors looking to grow their client base. The company's platform combines proven financial analysis tools, online and call-based marketing technology and performance marketing tactics to drive high quality client referrals on a massive scale. For the first time financial advisors have an affordable, turn-key solution for growing their wealth management business.

With more than 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day, financial advisors have a unique and timely opportunity to grow their client base. The platform enables independent advisors and small local and regional banks to distinguish themselves from larger competitors and compete for affluent clients they might not normally have exposure to.

According to Frank Troise, MNFA's founder, the platform is based on the same cloud-based technology he used for ultra high-net-worth individuals when he founded SoHo Asset Management, one of the most respected wealth management firms in California. "Referrals are generated through targeted offers we promote to Baby Boomers for comprehensive financial planning analysis. MNFA helps assess their financial needs and, if the Boomer chooses, connects them with a financial advisor that is eager to help them."

"lt is a win-win approach," says Troise. "Boomers get the same high-quality financial analysis most firms charge thousands of dollars for, while advisors have a steady stream of qualified referrals allowing them to expand their client base at a reasonable price."

MNFA's new syndication platform offers financial advisors two innovative methods for acquiring prospective clients:

1) MNFA Generated Referrals: Advisors can subscribe to receive online and phone referrals of affluent boomers who have either received a financial planning analysis online or called a toll-free number to speak with a financial advisor. Referrals are pre-qualified and dispatched to individual advisors based on their preferences (e.g., investable assets, client geography, etc.) and the price they are willing to pay for the referral.
2) Financial Advisor Generated Referrals: Advisors can use the platform to easily create, manage, and track the performance of their own client acquisition campaigns and they can use the platform to recruit and manage relationships with independent third-party publishers who will promote the campaigns.

MNFA's campaign management capabilities are provided by RingRevenue, a leading provider of call performance marketing and pay-per-call technology. RingRevenue's platform is customized for MNFA and designed to help MNFA generate and efficiently process a high-volume of quality call-based referrals for financial advisors.

"It's groundbreaking. The combination of MNFA's expertise, industry recognized financial services tools and our call performance marketing technology is creating a service that's helping financial advisors grow their business," says Robert Duva, COO of RingRevenue. "We're delivering quality calls that are filtered to specifically meet the individual advisor's criteria. They benefit from the highest quality referral at price that is aligned with their budget for new client acquisition."

The platform, which is only available to registered subscribers of MNFA, has been adopted by several leading wealth management providers across the country, including AmeriFlex Financial Services, Keeling Financial, Lally Wealthful Advising Services and Volk & Associates, among others.

Thomas Goodson: Registered representative with SagePoint Financial and C.E.O. of AmeriFlex Financial Services
"My New Financial Advisor's proposition for a turn-key wealth management approach is very attractive considering the huge opportunities for servicing affluent boomers entering retirement. We've signed on to purchase leads in Southern California to enable a more efficient referral pipeline which will give our advisors more time with clients for growing their business."

Matt Keeling: Keeling Financial
"Getting prospects to call you in large numbers is the marketing fantasy of all financial advisors. My New Financial Advisor has figured out a way to make this a reality, without the advisor having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on internet banner or television advertising."

Michael Lally: Lally Wealthful Advising Services
"After being in the Financial Services industry for the past 17 years, I am taking the next step and starting my own Wealth Management practice. I'm very excited to be a part of Leads through their service allow me to build my practice with clients that have shown interest in changing their financial lives for the better. The most valuable part is to know that I will have leads calling me directly after they have utilized"

Eric Volk: Volk & Associates:
"This evens the playing field so clients can focus on and highlight what differentiates advisors -- the quality of the advice they provide."

For information on how to subscribe to the platform, please contact: Brian Foutz at or (866) 470-8164 x32. You can also visit for more company information.

About My New Financial Advisor:
MNFA is a client referral network for financial advisors interested in attracting affluent Baby Boomers in need of financial management. Its innovative turn-key solution combines proven financial analysis tools, online and call-based marketing technology and performance marketing tactics to drive high quality referrals on a massive scale. Visit for more company information.

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