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February 12, 2013 07:00 ET

MY TrueCloud Announces the Release of MY Secure Link

2-Factor Secure File Sharing Service to Safeguard Confidential Files and Data

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - February 12, 2013) -  MY TrueCloud has integrated proprietary 2-Factor Authentication Security with a feature-rich File Sharing Service to provide small and medium sized businesses with the industry's most secure and easy to use on-line file transfer and back-up solution. The internet is the super-highway of information, and MY Secure Link is the guard rail to keep hackers away from confidential information -- personal data, credit card, financial, or any other proprietary information. In today's world, encryption and passwords are the first line of defense, but based on publicized events, it is not always enough. Businesses are committed to ensuring the trust of their customers, clients, vendors, and partners, and MY Secure Link provides the additional security so businesses can meet that commitment.

MY Secure Link is a cloud-based solution hosted by MY TrueCloud to manage a secure file transfer portal on behalf of our customers. The combination of proprietary security technology (Invisible Cloud Token 2-Factor Authentication Security with SSL/VPN Tunneling) and state-of-the-art facilities provides the fundamentals necessary to deliver a highly-secure environment.  Our constant 24/7 monitoring and frequent upgrades of MY Secure Link remain in MY TrueCloud's hands, not outsource to a 3rd party.

"MY Secure Link incorporates the industry's most advanced security with innovative file transfer features to provide small and medium sized business with a true business-enabled solution. Businesses want a file collaboration solution that drives productivity, increases profitability, and improves collaboration. MY Secure Link delivers on all these requirements. Our commitment is to deliver the best web hosting service and technology at the best value in the most secure environment. In today's cluttered file sharing market, MY Secure Link is distinctly different," explains Mitch Alcon, CEO. 

Businesses work hard to build brand-identity. MY Secure Link provides customers with their own private-branded  portal to ensure their brand is front-and-center. In addition, a business can promote their offerings and other communications on their private portal. MY TrueCloud provides revenue opportunities for our customers. And, to encourage business partners (customers, clients, vendors, and partners) to use the portal, special Partner Pricing is available for a business to extend portal access to their ecosystem.

MY Secure Link allows access to your business portal via internet access from any mobile device on any platform. Unlimited file sizes and folder types (e-mails, files and pictures) can be synchronized with any computer or with anyone, which is controlled with advance permission setting to ensure only authorized people open the file. Advance forensic monitoring allows unlimited tracking of historical versions and the maintenance of an activity audit log related to the file and folder. Google and Outlook integration to facilitate file transfer from email. MY Secure Link truly delivers file sharing collaboration without limitations.

Businesses improve productivity by streamlining processes that can be automated. MY Secure Link instantly notifies both the receiver and sender that a file has been received in the portal. MY TrueCloud provides daily back-ups of your file share portal to ensure a complete and updated repository is archived and available. 24/7 monitoring, certified co-location facilities and available help-desk to provide excellent web hosting services. MY TrueCloud takes pride in knowing our customers have confidence in us to manage a vital part of their business.

MY TrueCloud is an Aliso Viejo, California based company. To learn more about MY Secure Link and the full suite of collaboration solutions offered, contact Glen Passaretti at  866-426-5485 or email

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