August 23, 2010 08:00 ET

myDIALS SaaS Operational BI Provides the Holy Grail of Marketing Measurement

Right-Time Analytics Show ROI of Social Media, Web, Paid Search and Traditional Marketing

LOUISVILLE, CO--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  myDIALS, a leading vendor of SaaS performance management solutions, today announced the availability of its myDIALS Performance Module for Marketing, the industry's first SaaS performance management solution that provides sophisticated visualization and analytics to show the effect marketing programs have on revenues and profits. Executive teams can now quickly understand how marketing spend will impact revenues through what-if scenarios.

By providing right-time information on marketing metrics such as leads, website activity, marketing campaign effectiveness, conversion ratios, social media reach and costs per campaign, myDIALS delivers marketers and the C-suite with the actionable information they need to make better decisions more quickly regarding marketing mix, spend, and follow-through. myDIALS takes this further by correlating campaign metrics with incremental revenue and gross profit to show true Return on Marketing Investment -- ROMI.


  • In today's tighter budget climate, marketing departments have come under increased pressure to provide standard measurement and prove ROI. In particular, social and online engagement has become a critical component to marketing programs but analysis of those channels has been elusive.
  • Traditional BI offerings have focused primarily on financial outcomes and lack the capability to provide a complete view of modern marketing data.
  • myDIALS now provides a holistic view and captures and presents relevant outcome, activity and driver metrics as part of an interactive analytic dashboard that shows the interplay between marketing information and effects on a business' bottom line. What used to take months to gather and analyze can now be implemented in a matter of days and then continuously used to understand and improve marketing performance.


  • The myDIALS Performance Module for Marketing provides information and analytics to show trends and forecast projections across the relevant metrics of most interest to marketing professionals, including:
    • Leads - activity, costs and conversion ratios shown by campaign, product, location, etc;
    • Website activity - visitor activity, type, location, source, duration and bounce rates;
    • Social Media outreach - Facebook fans, likes and mentions; Twitter followers, mentions and retweets;
    • Paid Search - impressions, position, clicks, click though rates, costs, quality, keyword performance;
    • Campaign performance - costs, sales activity, incremental revenue, profitability.
  • myDIALS has many standard connectors to extract metrics from various data sources including those listed below, and has the ability to add other data sources on a custom basis:
    • CRM: Salesforce, NetSuite;
    • Web analytics: Google Analytics;
    • Paid search: Google AdWords;
    • Social media: Facebook, Twitter;
    • ERP: NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP;
    • Databases: All leading databases including Microsoft SQL Server and DB2;
    • Spreadsheets and flat files.


"Doing more with less doesn't mean short-cutting outreach efforts; it means working smarter. myDIALS enables smart marketing through an innovative dashboard display that lets us see the results of our marketing efforts on a single display -- from clicks, to calls, to face-to-face analytics. With that level of insight, resource allocation and maximizing marketing ROI, decisions can be made in minutes, not hours."
- Deb Stonikas, CEO, Northpointe Consulting & Analytics, LLC.

"As a leader in Revenue Performance Management we understand the importance of measuring and optimizing the entire sales process -- from unknown 'suspects' on the social Web, right through to closed deal. myDIALS helps us optimize our internal sales process, effectiveness and outcomes."
- Alex Shootman, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Eloqua

"Traditional BI solution providers don't provide a holistic view of the entire marketing process including activities and outcomes, and so marketing professionals end up improvising and making decisions based on incomplete, out of date, and inaccurate information. myDIALS delivers the right performance metrics when and how users need them with easy-to-use analytics and real-time scenario analysis, so every department -- marketing included -- can make operational decisions to improve overall business performance. "
- Wayne Morris, CEO of myDIALS

About myDIALS

myDIALS is a leading SaaS performance management platform for the visualization and analysis of right-time performance metrics. A SaaS operational BI solution that incorporates advanced, easy to use analytics, myDIALS enables all users to view, filter and interact with data to make more informed decisions, more quickly. myDIALS connects to any data source for immediate data update and availability, and delivers unparalleled interactivity, knowledge sharing and predictive analytics to support cost-effective continuous improvement. Thousands of users across multiple industries -- including manufacturing, financial services and government -- rely on myDIALS to improve operational performance and business results through better decision making. myDIALS is based in Louisville, Colo. Visit for more information.

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