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September 09, 2008 08:45 ET

MyConnection Server® Analyzes Broadband Connection Performance, Identifies Bandwidth Problems

New Network Testing Application Enables Businesses to Assess Network Performance, Pre-Qualify Networks for Business Services, Resolve Connection Problems

TURLOCK, CA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - Visualware Inc., a leading developer of Internet connectivity measurement and analysis tools, today announced the immediate availability of MyConnection Server v8 (MCS), a new framework application for broadband connection performance testing and analysis. MCS is designed specifically to help organizations identify and resolve last mile customer connectivity problems quickly and with little demand for the customer to assist in the resolution process.

MCS performs network assessment testing to easily identify and resolve connection problems by measuring broadband, VoIP, Video and IPTV quality and performance. Connections are tested end-to-end to identify poor quality routing, TCP analysis identifies network throttling and congestion problems, voice and video traffic analysis identifies jitter and packet loss problems which adversely affect critical applications such as VoIP.

The MCS framework architecture enables organizations to select the testing components that best fit businesses requirements, and provides a flexible means to easily modify or add components as business needs change and grow. MCS network test modules include:

-- MyCapacity performs UDP throughput testing which eliminates the inherent overhead of TCP window management to accurately assess the maximum capacity of a LAN/WAN connection.

-- MyIPTV measures IPTV traffic over a UDP connection and analyzes the data streams for multi-media performance.

-- MyRoute performs end-to-end connection analysis including discovery of multiple paths to a destination, providing a graphical view of connectivity performance including packet loss and latency for each network hop, identification of the network provider and a geographical map of the network path.

-- MySpeed® accurately measures bandwidth speeds and reports the amount of time spent between receiving data blocks, which helps determine the cause of slow connections as it defines how much time is spent actually transmitting data versus being idle waiting for data to arrive.

-- MyVideo accurately tests TCP socket-to-socket connections for jitter, the key performance measurement affecting real-time streaming video applications.

-- MyVoIP analyzes voice traffic over a UDP connection, measuring jitter and packet loss, reports the associated level of voice call quality.

MyConnection Server has three primary highly flexible testing modes that range from a self-help testing portal to an automated testing process managed from the MCS management console.

-- End-User Initiated Browser Testing provides end-users a quick and easy means to test their connection to a MCS server, results are displayed to the end-user and logged to the MCS database for review by support technicians.

-- Automated Network Testing enables support technicians to remotely manage the testing process to quickly resolve a customer problem, or perform continuous testing to monitor connection quality and performance. Web-delivered Remote Agents and Satellite Servers enable connection testing between any two network points to accurately align with the application delivery.

-- AccessCT™ Appliance Network Testing further enhances automated testing through the provision of a small test appliance that integrates the active testing process with an integrated TCP stack to deliver passive monitoring and error analysis.

MyConnection Server is available for the Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, license options start at $695. More information is available at, free 15-day evaluation versions are available.

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