March 15, 2016 13:10 ET

MyDreamVR Launches MyDream Swift App to Convert Any Game or Video Into Virtual Reality

Swift VR App Auto-Converts Hundreds of AAA-Game Titles to VR Without a Single Line of Code

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 15, 2016) - [VRDC] -- MyDreamVR (http://mydreamvr/), VR company and development studio behind the creative community game that allows players to create 3D worlds, today announced their expansion with two new products: MyDream Swift, an end-user app that converts dozens of non-VR games into a fully immersive virtual reality experiences and MyDreamVR's Metaverse, a user-generated platform for creating and playing immersive virtual reality worlds and complete games with friends.

"Imagine playing all your favorite 3D first person games in VR -- all it takes is a click of a button," said Allison Huynh, founder and CEO of MyDreamVR. MyDream Swift features two display modes: First Person Shooter and Cinema "big screen mode." Swift works with recent AAA games (e.g. Battlefield, Borderlands, Dirt, etc.) and supports popular older games like Portal 2, Dishonored and WarCraft.

The Metaverse content platform currently features over 5,000 realistic VR worlds and games immediately ready for play, all rendered with the advanced cinematic graphics engine. The creation tool features voxel terrain generation, realistic editing of the infinite procedural worlds, building of castles and other structures, permission management, character animations and a social network menu system. MyDreamVR Metaverse currently supports 20 players in each VR world.

MyDream Metaverse is available today at and on STEAM. MyDream Swift is $29.99 and is now available for pre order at starting today, March 9, 2016. Swift will debut at VRDC at GDC, March 14-15 and by appointment at the W hotel March 16-18. The product goes on sale to the public on March 28, 2016.

About MyDreamVR
Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, MyDreamVR is a pioneering development studio with the dedicated mission of making people's dreams come to life in the most ambitious 3D sandbox game ever created. Designed by an eclectic team of game designers in collaboration with graphics experts, professors and researchers at Stanford University and the gaming industry, MyDreamVR's Metaverse is a trailblazing, realistic first-person game that promotes adventure, creation, and cooperation. MyDreamVR also features MyDream Swift, an app available on PC and soon to be released on Android mobile, converts any existing game or video into a totally immersive VR experience.

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