March 11, 2010 10:18 ET

MyEdu Addresses Rising College Costs and Sets New Standard for College Success

Services for Better College Planning and Decision Making Have Helped More Than 2 Million Students Save Thousands and Earn Their Degree

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - March 11, 2010) -  MyEdu, the definitive online source to increase success and save money in college, today introduced a set of new services available at, a complete suite of web-based applications designed to help college students and their families intelligently navigate their path to graduation. Students can access rich amounts of academic information sourced directly from universities to create a personalized college roadmap and make more informed decisions about courses, schedules and majors -- resulting in savings of 20 percent or more on their college costs. To date, over 2 million students at 750 universities have used MyEdu to earn their degree.

Students and their families need real solutions to address the staggering costs of college and the factors leading to delayed graduation. According to findings from the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute and the U.S. Department of Education, 93 percent of students believe they will graduate in four years, but only 36 percent actually do. In fact, 44 percent of students take six years or more to graduate. With the average cost of a bachelor's degree doubling from 1999 to 2009 and 5-12 percent tuition increases planned in 2010, better academic planning and decision making are essential for college success. Today introduces essential tools to help families avoid the pitfalls that result in graduation delays and unnecessary costs by minimizing wasted credits, extra semesters, and dropped classes.

"Few accomplishments affect a person's lifelong fulfillment and earning potential more than completing a college degree," said Michael Crosno, founder, CEO and chairman of MyEdu. "MyEdu has gathered input from thousands of college students to create a unique service that provides step-by-step guidance and comprehensive academic information all in one place -- from selecting a college through to earning a degree. We empower students and their parents to make the best decisions throughout college and give them the opportunity to save 20 percent or more on the cost of college."

"With the amount of pressure placed on getting a job after college, MyEdu was a lifesaver," said Dan Sutton, senior student at Ohio State University. "When I first started at OSU, I was as clueless as most students about the best way to select classes and choose a major. MyEdu showed me my options and helped me find a major that matched my strengths. It's enabled me to balance my course load from semester-to-semester and compare my progress against degree requirements to avoid any last-minute surprises in my senior year. Overall, MyEdu has given me more confidence about my college decisions and has allowed me to stay on track to graduate."

MyEdu delivers a complete suite of online products that address the entire college lifecycle, from selecting a college through to earning a degree. The product suite includes:

  • Course and Professor Profiles™ - browse detailed course descriptions, grade distributions, official course evaluations, and student reviews to pick the right classes;

  • Schedule Planner™ - get an intuitive web view of a school's course catalog, fully integrated with course profiles and professor reviews to evaluate options, balance workload and build the best schedule;

  • Education Network™ - collaborate with advisors, professors, parents and friends to share academic progress, make informed decisions, and build an academic resume for the future;

  • Degree Planner™ and Degree Analyzer™ - build an entire degree plan in minutes, compare majors side-by-side, integrate degree requirements with each semester's schedule and track degree plan completion;

  • Graduation Roadmap™ - map out a personalized semester-by-semester plan toward graduation and balance coursework to get the best results;

  • Academic Dashboard™ - understand and manage academic progress in one convenient place, including semester summaries, academic history and GPA performance to stay on track.

Pricing and Availability
MyEdu is immediately available. The $20 annual subscription provides access to MyEdu's full academic suite. 

About MyEdu
MyEdu is the definitive online source to increase success and save money in college. Combining the largest warehouse of academic information in the U.S. with easy-to-use web applications, MyEdu helps students to create a personalized graduation plan and make informed decisions about their courses, schedule, professors and major. More than two million students at 750 universities have used MyEdu to earn their degree. For additional information about MyEdu, please visit and follow us on Twitter at

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