May 16, 2013 13:15 ET

MyGirlFund's Member Survey Reveals the Surprising Depth and Intensity of Online Relationships

Despite Never Meeting, 70% of Male Members Say They Could See Themselves Marrying a MyGirlFund Girl

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 16, 2013) -, a social network for adults, recently conducted a survey to better understand the nature of online relationships. Aspects of the survey were discussed in a recent article at The Daily Beast. According to MyGirlFund's Stefan Patrick, the results indicate that intimate relationships formed online can be just as real and fulfilling as offline relationships.

"A new romantic paradigm is emerging as our lives shift online," Patrick avers. "With social media, people can forge deep and enduring bonds while never meeting in person. Most guys don't come to looking for a 'virtual girlfriend,' but they discover interesting, attractive women who want to get to know them. They interact on a daily basis, sharing their lives, reciprocating affection and exploring desires just like they would in a real world romantic relationship. Virtual or not, it's a true girlfriend experience."

Intimate relationships evolve despite the fact that MyGirlFund prohibits the exchange of personal information. Rather than discouraging intimacy, the guarantee of discretion and anonymity, Patrick suggests, encourages it. "Both men and women," he says, "feel free to express and explore all sides of themselves. Anonymity can liberate." Of the more than 4,000 male and female respondents, 57% agreed with the statement, "I tend to be more open and honest with women I only know online than with women (or men) I know in real life."

Survey results indicate the "no-strings attached" appeal of virtual girlfriends does not mean men treat the relationships like disposable affairs. Merely 12% of 3,000 plus male respondents said they would only go so far as having an affair with a MyGirlFund girl if they were allowed to meet versus 70% who said they would marry an MGF girl if they could.

"What we see develop on MyGirlFund," Patrick says, "are relationships between equals. Our members are looking to connect with approachable women who could be their mates in real life. 82% prefer 'girl next door' types and only 22% favor adult star/professional model types."

The survey insights culminate in an interesting question: Do online relationships conflict with real world relationships? 60% of male and 67% of female respondents believe they don't. "We think the results demonstrate a growing acceptance of virtual relationships," Patrick says. "Digital intimacy can coexist with real world relationships. Online relationships are supplementing the human experience with an extra dimension of intimacy, stimulating and fulfilling needs and desires we otherwise might not have known we had. We're excited to be pioneering this new romantic paradigm at MyGirlFund."

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