Quorum Group Inc.

Quorum Group Inc.

February 24, 2011 08:15 ET

MyGriffintown.com: Quorum Gives a Voice to the Citizens and Future Residents of Griffintown

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2011) - As a proud partner featured at The City & Suburb Home Show, Quorum will also take advantage of this opportunity to launch the MYGRIFFINTOWN.COM blog. This platform will allow users to gather information on the William condominium project and to communicate their opinions and suggestions. Through MYGRIFFINTOWN.COM, Quorum will gather the views of the citizens of Griffintown as well as those of future owners in order for this major condominium project to be developed in harmony with its environment and with input from the community.

The Web: an efficient means of communication for the construction industry

« The Griffintown project is one of the most important and major urban renewal projects in North America. Our new condominium project is situated in a neighbourhood with a vibrant urban fabric located on the historic Montreal waterfront and connected to our city's renowned cycling network. Therefore it is imperative for us that this project is done in complete harmony with its environment. It needs to meet the expectations of Griffintown residents present and future and we are committed to better understand the vision of the community for this project so that we can take it into account in all aspects of the design both exterior and interior as well as in the landscaping. This neighbourhood is at the heart and soul of Montreal and our project must reflect this reality" stated Mr Maxime Laporte of Quorum.

In this era of fast pace, accessible communications through Web 2.0., what better way than a blog to communicate and exchange ideas efficiently? Therefore, Quorum has retained the services of the Vortex Solution team in order to develop this innovative platform. "Transparency, professionalism and passion are at the core of our values. We are proud of being the first developers within Griffintown to effectively consult the population through this means all the while using social media to its full potential" added Maxime Laporte.

Filled with accurate and detailed information on the condominium project, MYGRIFFINTOWN.COM will welcome comments from Internet users as well as allow discussion and exchange on the particulars of the project. We will also invite members of the community to complete a survey regarding architectural and landscaping elements. "Well known for our pledge to create long term bonds with the community, our clients and our partners, we are committed to putting in place the necessary tools to be in perfect agreement with our corporate mission statement, a mission that has driven us for more than 3 decades" concludes Maxime Laporte.

The population is cordially invited to participate in this consultation by visiting the MYGRIFFINTOWN.COM blog.


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