October 21, 2012 19:15 ET

MyiBroke Brings an End to the Era of Disposable Electronics, Repair Service Helps Thousands of Individuals By Fixing Damaged iPhones

MyiBroke iPhone repair service fixes damaged Apple products, restoring them to a state that is almost as good as new. MyiBroke efficiently and reliably fixes iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices that have water damage, that require motherboard level repair and that need screen repair. The expert technicians at MyiBroke offer high quality service that saves individuals from replacing damaged phones.

LAKE PARK, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Oct. 21, 2012) - Spilling water, juice or hot tea over an iPhone no longer has to mean a trip to the Apple store to buy a new product. MyiBroke, a mail-in iPhone and iPad repair service, specializes in water damage and motherboard level repair, saving thousands of individuals from having to replace their products.

MyiBroke fixes all recent generations of iPhone, from the iPhone 3 to the brand new iPhone 5. Regardless of the model, MyiBroke is able to make repairs. Jason Richards, MyiBroke founder, explains: "MyiBroke is breaking some amazing ground with iPhone water damage repair." It is this groundbreaking work in combination with the great prices and fast turnaround time that puts MyiBroke so far ahead of its competitors.

MyiBroke specializes in water damage repair as they have identified that it is not so much the water that interferes with how an iPhone functions, but rather the mineral deposits. According to Richards, "When your electronic device gets wet, the water leaves behind mineral deposits and this is what causes a majority of the malfunctions." MyiBroke's experienced technicians' ability to effectively and reliably repair the effects of iPhone water damage is what makes the company's service unmatched by their competitors.

MyiBroke's specialties extend beyond water damage to include iPhone motherboard soldering and battery connector repair. Jason Richards states: "The iPhone 4 battery connector repair is our most common service, not only because it is done faster and better than our competitors but also because of the unbeatable prices." While the regular price to have an iPhone 4 battery connector motherboard repair is close to US$80 before shipping, MyiBroke provides this fix for under US$60. The repair is done well, coming with a one-year warranty, and the price is affordable.

MyiBroke accepts broken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices from all over the country and aims to have the repaired product back to their customers within 24 hours. While water damage takes slightly longer than 24 hours to repair, MyiBroke's fast turnaround is unrivaled.

Richards is confident that MyiBroke meets customers' needs, as the company "has the most effective water damage repair techniques in the industry." With MyiBroke's variety of repair services, disposing of damaged iPhones is now a thing of the past.


While only conceptualized in 2010, MyiBroke has grown into an industry leader. The technicians at MyiBroke have worked hard to learn the intricacies of the iPhone and iPad, allowing MyiBroke to do repairs that other companies are unable to master. MyiBroke specializes in water damage and motherboard soldering, but offers repair services in addition to these. While MyiBroke is not the only company to offer these services, they are the only company that guarantees customer satisfaction with reliable fixes, a one-year warranty and fast shipping.

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