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October 26, 2009 08:00 ET

Mykonos Releases the First Dynamic Framework for Building and Securing Web Applications

Mykonos 2.0 Combines Code-Level Security and a Managed Update Service to Provide Real-Time Protection for Enterprise Web Applications

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - Mykonos Software announced today the availability of the first dynamic framework for building and securing Web applications.

The Mykonos Secure Web Application Framework provides application teams with a full range of critical capabilities for coding, compiling, deploying, and maintaining the most secure Web applications.

For developers, these include a Web-based interface design suite, a large component library, and the widest range of security capabilities: input validation, XSS filtering, encryption, transport layer security, session management, authentication, logging, and code obfuscation.

For Administrators, a push service keeps production applications secure using Mykonos Managed Updates, a service that provides updates to the application layer, including security patches and new functionality.

"Mykonos is leading the charge to bring code-level security to Web applications," said David Koretz, President and CEO. "Web applications represent a massive increase in the attack surface of the average enterprise, and by creating the first dynamic framework we are able to provide deep and continuous protection."

Mykonos Framework 2.0 provides an alternative to building with traditional static frameworks that require a perpetual effort to address the resulting vulnerabilities using security consulting, scanning tools, and firewalls. With Mykonos, application security is integrated at the code level. It combines the rapid application development features of a best-in-class AJAX framework with powerful and easy-to-implement scaffolding for end-to-end security.

Mykonos Framework 2.0 also expands the concept of an application framework to include how Web applications are deployed and maintained in production. The Mykonos Management Console provides a Web-based interface for deploying, configuring, and updating application code. Administrators can automatically or selectively apply updates across application servers and server groups, while managing versions and dependencies. They can also download managed security updates from Mykonos as new malware and vulnerabilities arise. This allows them to keep production code secure in real time.

"New security threats are constantly being identified, which does not fit with the traditional 12-24 month enterprise release cycle," said Al Huizenga, Director of Product Management. "It is no longer practical to have point-in-time security. Administrators need to be able to provide real-time and continuous protection, and the Mykonos framework solves that problem."

The Mykonos Developer Kit is available today for free to developers, under a license that enables them to use Mykonos for application development and testing. Download Mykonos by joining the Mykonos Developers Network at

Mykonos server licensing is on a subscription basis, and includes support and access to the Management Console and Managed Updates. For more information, call toll free 1-877-88-WINGS, or email

To coincide with the launch of the Mykonos Framework v2.0, Mykonos is launching a new partner program designed for system integrators that implement application projects where security and compliance are critical drivers -- including health information sharing, finance, retail banking, and defense. For more information, call toll free 1-877-88-WINGS, or email

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Mykonos is a new company created to solve the problem of Web application security. Mykonos complements network-level security measures like Web application firewalls and code scanning, by adding fine-grained security that actively protects the application code and data. More information is available at

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