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Média Elibrie Inc.

September 30, 2013 11:17 ET Offers a Range of Amazing and Fascinating Personalized Books

MONTREAL, QC--(Marketwired - September 30, 2013) - Have you ever heard about's personalized novels? This unique and fairly new Canadian publishing house innovates with its range of personalized books that pushes customization to a whole other level, allowing its customers to pick their characters. A significant other, a parent, a friend or a colleague could very well become the next hero of a thriller, a comedy or a sci-fi. With up to 500 possible fields of personalization, the customer builds his very own version of the story he picked. And it goes way beyond names and hair color. The psychology of the main character, habits and quirks, even memories! Their social environment, the secondary characters… So Uncle Bob could become a police officer, a priest or a hobo! 

This concept is possible thanks to our European sister company's innovation-award-winning software, which has been updated continuously for over 10 years. Working alongside this technology, our team of professional editors work behind the scenes to ensure the texts' quality and coherence, and to provide the customer with an amazing product.

The books are usually delivered within 10 days, starting at $39.99. 

If you would like to tell your audience, we would be glad to be part of an interview. We can also offer free personalized books as an example for you or for a contest for your viewers.

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