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May 22, 2006 18:47 ET

MyPublicInfo Offers Special Social Security Monitoring Service for Veterans Following Theft of 26.5 Million Veterans' Personal Information

Unique Service Monitors Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Information and Manages Public Records

ARLINGTON, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 22, 2006 --MyPublicInfo, a leader in consumer identity protection, today announced it is offering its cutting-edge identity management service, IdentitySweep at the discounted price of $18 per year to all US veterans at, following the announcement that 26.5 million veterans' personal information, including social security numbers, was stolen from a US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employee. The discount is effective immediately.

IdentitySweep is more proactive than any other service available to consumers, businesses or government agencies. "This grand theft is a tragedy for the 26.5 million veterans whose personal information was breached," says Dr. Harold Kraft, CEO of MyPublicInfo. "We would like to reach out to those who serve our country and lower our prices to give them easier access to IdentitySweep, which is the most advanced solution available to them to monitor the information that was taken from them. It will help them much more than a simple credit report." Dr. Harold Kraft and MyPublicInfo CRO Pat Dane are available for comments.

IdentitySweep protects identities in three novel ways:

1. IdentitySweep includes a leading-edge identity fraud detection technology that scans billions of public records for suspicious activity associated with identity fraud, including attempts to create a synthetic identity (instance in which a fraudster is using a real name and social security number he has slightly modified). The service analyzes the suspicious activity to provide a "risk score" that indicates how much and for how long an identity has been compromised.

2. IdentitySweep searches Internet newsgroups, search engines, blogs, and hundreds of thousands of chat rooms and websites looking for personal and financial information. It instantly notifies consumers by email of any suspicious activity related to their personal information before the consumer is victimized. This technology works much faster than the credit card and credit bureau monitoring services, which alert a consumer after they become a victim.

3. IdentitySweep scans the online directories that list a consumer's information and requests removal of that information to prevent abuse by telemarketers and identity thieves.

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