October 13, 2015 10:00 ET

MyWave's National Survey Shows Consumers Overwhelmingly Reject Sharing of Personal Information by Intelligent Assistants Without the Consumer's Knowledge or Control

Intelligent Assistants Gaining in Popularity, but... 83 Percent of Respondents Don't Want Personal Information Shared Without Permission, According to Ipsos Public Affairs Survey

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2015) - U.S. consumers flatly reject the idea that Intelligent Assistants should share their personal information without their knowledge or control, according to a new national survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs for MyWave.

Forty-four percent of consumers surveyed said they have used an Intelligent Assistant to help them find information or accomplish a task, and 41% of respondents said they would like an Intelligent Assistant to be able to perform personal services for them like a real assistant would, if the Intelligent Assistant knew their detailed personal preferences, bringing them what they wanted to buy without the noise of spam and pop-up ads.

"Intelligent Assistants were introduced into the marketplace just a short time ago, and already we're seeing almost half the U.S. consumers surveyed saying they've used them, and more than four in ten people saying they want to use them to perform tasks," said MyWave Founder and CEO Geraldine McBride. "This shows that we are at the leading edge of an emerging trend -- the widespread use of Intelligent Assistants to perform daily functions to improve consumers' lives."

However, the national survey also asked consumers, "Would you use an Intelligent Assistant if it were able to gather and share your detailed personal information without your knowledge or control?"

Eighty-three percent of respondents said no.

"This is an enormous wake-up call for the technology community, who are currently offering early versions of Intelligent Assistants," McBride will tell industry leaders in her keynote address at the Opus Intelligent Assistants Conference today in New York City. (See MyWave Launches with Keynote Address news release dated October 13, 2015.)

"Consumers are already sensitive about data theft, security breaches, and the continual collection and use of their personal data by the major computer, cell phone and social network operating systems and related applications," McBride said.

"As Intelligent Assistants gain in popularity, the industry must be aware that consumers are overwhelmingly against using Intelligent Assistants that are able to collect and use their personal data without their knowledge or permission," she warns.

Founded by McBride in 2013, MyWave is the first technology company with an Intelligent Assistant to commercialize Customer Managed Relationships (CMR). MyWave re-imagines the customer experience by putting an Intelligent Assistant named Frank in the consumer's pocket to "hyper-personalize" the customer-brand relationship.

Knowing that a majority of consumers are opposed to the collection and use of personal data, MyWave's Intelligent Assistant allows the consumer to control and update their own data based on their preferences and buying intentions. The consumer decides in real time when they want to share their preferences and needs, enabling a business to tailor products and services in a far more targeted and relevant way.

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MyWave ( is a technology company radically redefining the relationship between business and customers by offering "Frank," the next-generation intelligent personal assistant. Frank makes customer's lives remarkably easier by transforming their interactions into "Customer-Managed Relationships (CMR)," where they are in control of their experiences across brands and service providers. Frank does this by securely storing customer's personal data and preferences in their own cloud. Using real-time market data and dynamic conversations, Frank enables businesses to generate increased sales and revenues by creating the hyper-personalized relationships and brand experiences that customers demand.

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