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December 06, 2011 08:00 ET

N-able Technologies® Continues to Win Hearts of Technicians With New Runbook

New MSP Technician Runbook Supports Increased Productivity and Profitability by Simplifying, Standardizing and Automating Technician Tasks

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwire - Dec 6, 2011) - N-able Technologies®, the global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation software for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, is offering a new MSP Technician Runbook at no cost to N-able partners to help business owners standardize internal processes, improve profitability and enhance IT service delivery. The Runbook also serves as a basis to establish standard operating procedures for technicians and enables them to create shorter, easier paths to complete common tasks.

By definition, a Runbook delivers a framework or blueprint for a repeatable, step-by-step recipe for achieving standardized and scalable IT processes that render consistent results regardless of the experience level of the technician. During the N-able Partner Summit in October, N-able released the contents of its first MSP Manager's Runbook. The manager's edition was built to offer guidance around the foundational elements of the managed services business model, such as building and managing a network operations center (NOC).

Today, N-able has unveiled its Technician Runbook, which captures technical best practices -- the "tribal knowledge" -- of an IT service provider into one well-organized digital document that is easily updated in real time. Compiled by N-able, the Runbook is meant to abolish the painful reality that most MSPs don't have documented processes to guide their technicians.

"Surprisingly, most MSPs rely on the experience of their techs and don't have a written, step-by-step set of processes for how to approach customer service or technical issues, which exposes a big vulnerability to their business when a technician decides to leave the company," explains Ryan Vallee, product manager, N-able Technologies. "We've taken those best practices, gleaned from thousands of partners, and captured them in one single digital document." The Runbook, which is hosted online by N-able, will provide access to those best practices, empowering MSPs on several fronts.

The Runbook covers four major categories -- Assessments, On-Boarding, Optimization and Reporting -- and currently contains more than 130 step-by-step procedures. Because this version of the Runbook is for technicians, it is prescriptive and very task oriented.

"N-able's new Technician Runbook provides our partners with a blueprint for building a strong foundation of repeatable, scalable IT processes that will ultimately lead to greater productivity, utilization and profits," explains JP Jauvin, president and COO, N-able Technologies. "This allows them to extend into new solutions, initiates expertise that might be missing in-house, improves productivity and, ultimately, supports more growth and more revenue."

MSP technicians can access the Runbook within the N-central dashboard with a single click, and then take advantage of full search capabilities, offer comments and feedback, and bookmark preferred content. On the roadmap for 2012 is linking the Technician Runbook into N-able's Automation Manager tool, a step that will enable technicians to select a best practice from the Runbook and then automate that task through N-central for application across an entire customer base.

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