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September 07, 2010 08:00 ET

NAACP & George Soros' Media Groups Challenged by Tea Party HD Over Racism Tracking Site

Tony Loiacono Believes That Misconceptions Play a Large Role in Shaping History as George Soros and the NAACP Fight a Losing Battle to Find Racism in the Tea Party Movement

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 7, 2010) -  Tea Party HD challenges misconceptions by both George Soros and NAACP as they launch a website designed to track Tea Party Movement. Tea Party HD tells Soros and his followers they need not look any further than to monitor the racism at Tea Party Events. NONE!

Today, TeaPartyHD has called on the NAACP and Soros' media groups to join in dialogue with all Americans and begin repudiating extremists among their own ranks. Giving immediate support to dialog and action, TeaPartyHD launched a two (2) Part Series Tuesday about "Restoring America Monitored," "Racism & Historical Meaning" and the "Double Standard" of an African American voting as a conservative.

"We Are Americans," the 2 Part Series, features interviews from the Glenn Beck "Restoring America" rally held in Washington D.C. The series is hosted by Ethan Czahor of (part of the RightNetwork Team) and Phil Loiacono of Tea Party HD. The "We Are Americans," series challenges Americans in attendance including citizens of most every race, creed and color. It continues, as Kevin Jackson, Allan Keyes & William Owens talk about the "double standard" of walking and voting as a Conservative Black American. monitors racism and other forms of extremism with the Tea Party movement with sponsors tracking activities by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America. "At Tea Party HD we have been seeking out racism at key events desiring to suppress misconceptions while confronting attendees about their perceived individual racism at the Tea Party Movement Events," said Tony Loiacono, Founder Tea Party HD. He added, "Our team has found no racism, it seems that the NAACP & Mr. Soros simply desire to stir up the symbol of racism. Racism has does not seem to raise its ugly head in the Tea Party Movement, but instead, most every American voices their desires to repudiate extremists and radicals on both sides of the line."

Go to to find more challenges on racism, immigration and our candidates who desire to "Take Back America." Tea Party HD syndicated programming can be found at,,, and many more conservative American sites.

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