SOURCE: SJ Namo, Inc.

SJ Namo, Inc.

June 23, 2009 14:03 ET

Namo Introduces UNETSHA, a Plug-in for Microsoft NAP

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - SJ Namo, Inc., a leading developer and global supplier of software solutions for the world wide web, and UNET SYSTEM Co. Ltd., a leading developer in professional information security, have joined together to create UNETSHA, a product that provides high levels of information security under diverse variety conditions.

UNETSHA is a plug-in for Network Access Protection in Microsoft Windows Server 2008. UNETSHA strengthens NAP's security health check capabilities and interoperability with third-party endpoint security solutions and enables it to work in a heterogeneous environment that includes Windows, Linux and Mac systems. UNETSHA provides information security tools and services for a highly secure, defect-free ubiquitous networking environment that caters to the needs of the customer.

Supported Client OS
Windows Vista, XP with Service Pack 3
Linux Fedora 6/Ubuntu 7.0 or later
Apple Mac OS X

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Support
WMI is used to manage the status, configurations and operational aspects of
hardware and software in Windows. Over 7,000 managed objects in WMI can be
used as NAP policy objects for better security.

Included ECs: 802.1X Supplicant and DHCP Client
Linux and Mac OS X versions include NAP Agent with ECs for
802.1x-authenticated connections and DHCP-based IPv4 address configuration.

Hierarchical Group Management
With UNETSHA, the administrator can manage NAP polices based on the actual
organizational structure of the enterprise.

Policy Management based on User ID and Hierarchical Group
The default NAP policy is enforced for all PCs in the same domain. UNETSHA
supports login ID based policy enforcement for exceptional cases, making
NAP policy enforcement more flexible.

RQS Migration
RQS is a Network Access Quarantine Control framework for Windows Server
2003 which provides additional protection capabilities for remote control
such as dial-up and VPN connection.
UNETSHA ensures that your RQS policy can be migrated to the NAP
environment, either manually or automatically.

Plug-ins for Diverse Client Health Check Programs
To support additional PC health check capabilities that are not included in
UNETSHA, UNETSHA allows plug-ins for diverse health check programs
independent of their type (VBS, EXE, BAT, etc.).
This feature is included in the RQS Package in order to strengthen NAP
policy enforcement with a diverse variety of PC health check programs.

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