March 30, 2007 11:58 ET

Nanno SOLUTIONS, a DFM Startup Specializing in Realistic, Statistically Based, Worstcase Interconnect Models, Expands to New Market; Announces Support for Windows-Based Designers

Windows Support Adds to Unix and Sun Workstation Platform Support

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 30, 2007 -- Nanno SOLUTIONS, an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company in the DFM/DFY (Design for Manufacturing/Yield) market, today announced that its software products, Nanno-WiN and Nanno-CaL, now interface to Windows-based design environment from MyCAD as well as run on workstations running Unix or Sun OS.

As the performance of PCs improves and the number of PC-based designers increases, Nanno SOLUTIONS is meeting the demand by adding support for PC-based designers and improving their design manufacturability and yield with realistic, statistically based, worstcase interconnect models/DB for RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop.

"We are selling our tools worldwide and have recently sold 500 copies of our Windows-based software to customers in India," said Young Yu, CEO of MyCAD. "We see great potential for our software in emerging markets like India and China as well as in America, Europe and Japan. Establishing a partnership with Nanno SOLUTIONS is one of the things we are doing to support our worldwide customers."

"Working with MyCAD, a major player in the Windows-based EDA Solutions market, is helping us achieve our goal of reaching out to the full spectrum of the EDA customer base," added Won-Young Jung, CTO of Nanno SOLUTIONS. "It means more EDA users can benefit from using our software to improve their silicon manufacturing with accurate interconnect models/DB."

About Nanno SOLUTIONS Technology and Software

Nanno SOLUTIONS' technology uses process variation data and transforms the information into realistic values that designers understand. Nanno's realistic, statistically based, worstcase interconnect models can be used at both the Front-End-of-Line (FEOL) and the Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) of the design flow to reduce design skew.

Nanno-WiN generates realistic, statistical, interconnect worstcase models. Nanno-CaL calculates interconnect performance and generates RCL netlists in the pre-layout design stage. Designers use these products to characterize interconnects and analyze the circuit statistically.

Nanno-WiN is the most accurate model generator for RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop. It is based on Monte-Carlo simulation and Accumulated-Maximum Probability and Effective Common Geometry methods. Nanno-WiN improves worstcase corner accuracy for RC-Delay by about 70% when compared to conventional worstcase methods.

Nanno-CaL works in the pre-layout design stage. It estimates interconnect load and calculates delay and transient time, and estimates RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop for critical nets. It speeds up the design cycle by reducing the time for these pre-layout design tasks, and expands the interconnect macro block. Nanno-CaL also provides lumped R, C, L and distributed models for other applications. It interfaces to existing Place & Route and timing analysis software, and circuit simulators for estimation of circuit performance in the pre-layout design stage. It also can be used to optimize transistors and interconnect with circuit simulators like SPICE.

About MyCad

Founded in 1994, MyCAD, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of EDA software. MyCad is committed to providing quality design tools for IC design and verification, and educational software, all running on the Windows platform. MyCAD offers tools for IC and system design, IC layout and verification, VHDL simulation, logic design and FPGA prototyping. MyCAD software running on Windows has been on the market since 1990 and addresses IC design, photo devices, LEDs, MEMS and LCD designs. Over several thousand copies have been installed in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, India and Korea.

MyCAD is located at 528 East Weddell Dr. #3, Sunnyvale, CAD 94086 USA and can be contacted by calling 408-745-6785, or emailing or


Nanno SOLUTIONS, Inc. was founded in 2004, is privately held, and offers yield improvement software to improve manufacturing nanometer semiconductor ICs. Its software products take the massive amount of process variation data and transform it into realistic values that designers understand. The products help improving first time silicon success rate, offer better accuracy, run-time, accelerate yield and reduce design skew to improve time-to-market and time-to-profit.

The company headquarters are at 592 East Weddell Drive, suite 8, Sunnyvale, California 94089, and can be contacted by calling (Tel) 408-400-0688, or emailing For more information, please visit.

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