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October 19, 2009 10:21 ET

NanoMarkets Announces Upcoming Report Examining the Impact of Government Policy on Smart Grid Market Opportunities

GLEN ALLEN, VA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - NanoMarkets, a Virginia-based analyst firm, today announced a new upcoming report that will address the potential impact of government policies on emerging Smart Grid market opportunities. The report is the next in a series from NanoMarkets on Smart Grids. For additional details including a report excerpt please visit

About the Report:

Smart Grids represent a complete rethinking of the electricity grid technology and deployment for the needs of the 21st Century. They promise enhanced energy efficiency at a time when everyone expects energy prices to increase and they promise enhanced grid security at a time when the world remains concerned about terrorist attacks. Smart Grids also imply a modernization of the traditional grid to accommodate the unique energy generation patterns associated with alternative energy sources.

NanoMarkets believes that Smart Grids currently represents a major opportunity for a wide variety of businesses ranging from transmission equipment firms, through manufacturers of communications and metering equipment, down to firms that make advanced materials. However, like all major infrastructure projects, the new business revenues that are likely to flow from the deployment of Smart Grids will depend heavily on government policy. And, governments in the U.S., Canada, Europe, China and Australia, among other nations and regions, are now following similar visions as a way of addressing energy independence, climate change and network survivability issues.

As a result, NanoMarkets believes that to fully exploit the opportunities that Smart Grids present, firms will have to have an in-depth understanding of the commercial impact of government Smart Grid policies. Only through such an understanding will businesses be able to distinguish between hype and real revenue potential and be able to set realistic time frames and strategies for their Smart Grid businesses. Smart Grid firms will also have to think beyond legislation and regulation specifically aimed at Smart Grids; there will also be impacts on Smart Grid businesses stemming from more general approaches to energy policy, as we all as from communications and national defense policies.

The major goal of this report is to analyze and quantify the opportunities that are growing out of current policy-regulatory-legislative efforts related to the Smart Grid. The report will examine activities in the U.S. and other major industrial countries and will be essential reading for electric transmission equipment companies, metering firms, communications equipment companies and power companies, as well as the many other firms that are becoming involved in the development of Smart Grids. In addition, we believe that the information contained in this report will be of vital interest to the policy, investment and legal communities.

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