June 10, 2013 13:48 ET

NARR8's 'StoryBuilder' Editing Tool Will Open Popular Platform to Indie Artists and Fan Fiction

Digital Publisher's New Editing Tool Allows Fans to Bring Stories to Life on iOS and Android Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 10, 2013) - NARR8, the free mobile app and digital publisher of motion comics and interactive novels, announces today the release of StoryBuilder, a multimedia-editing tool that lets anyone create their own interactive story.

The possibilities are endless with NARR8, which has launched its user-generated content (UGC) tool, StoryBuilder. This new feature will let fans and indie artists alike either choose from content provided by NARR8 or create their own original content by adding images, animation, sounds, and special effects to create unique stories to share on NARR8's 800,000+ user platform.

NARR8's news comes at a time when eBook sales have never been higher, with book publishers reporting that nearly 23% of their revenue comes from eBooks, rather than printed books, through last year, up 17% from the previous year. In the US alone, self-published eBooks have seen growth of 287% since 2006, with more than 235,000 self-published titles released last year, and studies show that eBooks are growing in popularity while print reading is declining in the face of growth in eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle, which increased 33% last year.

"It has always been important to NARR8 to be able to assist talented artists and creators, most importantly our readers. By implementing 'StoryBuilder,' we are allowing our creative fans who wish to share their stories with our 800,000+ users all over the world. We're excited to continue evolving the NARR8 product and look forward to what this great addition will bring," said Founder Alexandr Vashchenko.

Raising the bar another notch, NARR8's new technology will let the company to further build its publishing platform by giving third parties an opportunity to create their own content products for mobile. Using StoryBuilder is easy and intuitive. The interface will offer different types of assets, such as audio clips, backgrounds, images, and simple instruments to create animations. Using these tools, writers, artists and musicians alike can create their own library of interactive stories in various genres. Tutorials will also be available to get new users up to speed.

All user-generated content will be available free of charge, but once a user's episode hits 1,000 downloads, that user will be authorized to sell the content for NARRs, virtual currency that NARR8 released in February. This will let the user unlock additional content and features. In the near future, NARR8 will implement a revenue-sharing model that will let the authors of popular series earn money from virtual sales of their content.

NARR8 recently released its first lifestyle series FIVE, as well as its first children's series Qumi-Qumi, with its second children's series the Panda's & Boom coming soon. Additionally, NARR8 will release a half-dozen brand-new series in such genres as horror, biography, and popular science later this summer.

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