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February 26, 2015 19:48 ET

Narvalous Announces $2.3M in Angel Funding; Debuts Open Beta of Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness

Mobile and Browser Game Publisher to Focus on Globalizing Game Publishing

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 26, 2015) -  Backed with $2.3M in angel funding, emerging mobile and browser developer, Narvalous, today announced the open beta launch of Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness: an action-packed MMO game localized from the wildly-successful The Light of Darkness franchise. The game, where players time-travelled through 2,000 years to mend the fabric of time and save civilization, runs on FancyBeans' proprietary Fancy3D Engine that allows users to play the client-quality game as easily as they would a browser game. Check out the trailer here and play the Chrono Wars here.

Founded by a team of game industry veterans, Narvalous counts Ping Wu (Summitview Capital), Larry Li (Z-Park Venture), and Huican Zhu (Z-Park Venture), among its group of angel investors. Narvalous believes as technology advances and game platforms connect people around the world, all games will become omnipresent. As a result, game globalization will become more important and necessary for game developers. The company currently aims to help international developers publish their games in US and to support American developers globalize their games abroad. Eventually the company will make its game platform, xGamePortal, a central home for players to find cool new games, socialize with other gamers, and play with game friends across different devices and screens. 

Composed of a multicultural team, Narvalous team has successfully identified and adapted several games from different cultures and languages to North American market. The team was responsible for turning one of the hottest MMORPG game on Facebook (Wartune) from failing to generating millions in revenue each month. This experience, combined with deep knowledge of North American games market and audience, compelled the team to turn to the game publishing business. In addition to Wartune, the team has also developed vCruise and co-published League of Angels and Pirate King.

"My experience in the game industry has allowed me to understand the secret formula for publishing a successful game that is also financially successful," said Toni Xu, CEO of Narvalous. "The games market is becoming globalized. It's great to be in a position where we have the talent and experience to capitalize on such a unique opportunity."

Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness takes players on an epic journey through 2,000 years to mend the fabric of time and save civilization. It is a free-to-play game that runs effortlessly on PC with either a tiny launcher or on all major browsers. The game will also be playable on Mac OS soon.

Chrono Wars begins right after a tragic car accident, when players find themselves in another time another place. After choosing to play as one of the three distinctive classes -- a Berserker, a Knight, or a Mage -- players begin their quest through six historical eras, crossing different continents to help save the world. Along the way, they will work hand-in-hand with legendary heroes throughout the centuries, such as The Great Caesar, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Jeanne D'Arc, and partner their highly-evolvable battle pets to destroy powerful monsters and demons through glorious PVE, PVP, legion battles and boss fights. In every era, players will uncover and collect historical relics, such as King Arthur's crown, Robin Hood's bow and Merlin's wand -- all of which can be used to protect civilization.

"With Chrono Wars, Narvalous is proud to bring to our avid gamers IMAX-quality 3-D graphics and an unprecedented client gameplay experience via a browser interface or a PC launcher," says Jay Tang, President of Narvalous. "We worked with the developer, FancyBeans, and the Global Publisher (Gamewave) in 4 intensive months to adapt the game for the North America market. So far the Closed Beta testing retention rate have risen 4 times from a month ago. We believe the game is on track to make a big hit in 2015. We welcome other publishers or platforms to contact us for channeling opportunities."

All game assets can be found here.

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Founded in 2010 by a team of game veterans and backed by angel investors, Narvalous is an emerging mobile and browser publisher located in Palo Alto, California. One of the company's success stories is its role in transforming then-failing game on Facebook, Wartune, into the hottest Strategy RPG that made millions each month. The company also provides scalable publishing services on Facebook, xGamePortal, as well as in iOS and Android platforms. For more information, visit

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