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July 25, 2005 09:00 ET

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Boosts DNS Operations With Infoblox Appliances

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 25, 2005 -- Infoblox Inc., a developer of network identity infrastructure (NII) systems, today announced that Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), managed for NASA by the California Institute of Technology, has selected Infoblox appliances to perform domain name resolution services -- essential to keeping the JPL network available 24x7 and collecting, correlating and transmitting data collected by spacecraft instruments aboard NASA satellites.

JPL's exploratory missions expand knowledge of earth and its planetary neighborhood, looking into the cosmos to learn more about the origins of the universe. Because of the mission-critical, data-intensive nature of JPL's business, providing nonstop domain name resolution and related management of zone data is an essential requirement -- when a spacecraft is passing its target at 23,000 miles per hour, there are no second chances.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory selected Infoblox to replace its previous, antiquated DNS solution, which consisted of various hardware platforms with different operating systems and versions of BIND. In addition to the administration required, the old system offered little in the way of redundancy and overall reliability.

To accommodate these needs, the JPL Deep Space Mission Systems (DSMS) IT staff initially deployed 7 Infoblox appliances running the DNSone module. After the initial deployment, JPL purchased 15 more appliances to replace its previous, ad-hoc network identity infrastructure installed in multiple space centers around the world.

With its new Infoblox NII, JPL can rest assured that its employees, information specialists, and affiliate representatives will benefit from nonstop network identity services. This allows their team of researchers and analysts to consistently leverage the network to keep the space missions on track, deliver appropriate information in the right hands and progress its mission of expanding the world's knowledge of the earth and the universe.

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