September 20, 2007 09:00 ET

National Academy of Sports Medicine Supports 'Healthy Aging Month'

Fitness Instructor Certification Authority Keeps Seniors Active With Optimum Performance Training

CALABASAS, CA--(Marketwire - September 20, 2007) - The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a health and fitness solutions provider and fitness instructor certification authority, has pledged its support for Healthy Aging Month® throughout September as part of its ongoing fitness development programs for seniors. Originally developed by the Educational Television Network, Inc., Healthy Aging® Month draws national attention to the positive aspects of growing older while providing information for adults who are 50 and older to improve their physical fitness.

"Healthy, active living has no age restrictions when it comes to improving one's physical well-being, so NASM salutes active seniors during this commemorative month and year-round while encouraging them to take full advantage of any fitness opportunities and conditioning programs that are compatible with their skills, abilities and diet," said NASM President and Chief Executive Officer Micheal Clark, DPT.

Founded in 1987, NASM's mission is to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals -- from professional fitness trainers to health-conscious consumers. With regards to promoting healthy aging initiatives, NASM offers a variety of educational programs and tools to help the growing senior population achieve their fitness goals. The organization's activities include:

-- Optimum Performance Training (OPT) for seniors, an interactive CD-ROM, home-study course developed to help certified personal trainers design safe and effective fitness programs for seniors;

-- "Implementing Progressive Group-Based training for the Older Adult," a popular NASM presentation delivered at industry workshops and conferences; and

-- The book "Expert Fitness Training for Beginners," scheduled for release in early 2008, is co-authored by Dr. Clark and tailored to help people of all ages achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

NASM's ability to help seniors achieve their health and fitness goals has been extended through strategic partnerships as well. In collaboration with American Specialty Health, a nationally renowned health improvement organization, NASM has introduced the OPT methodology into the popular Silver&Fit® program for the Medicare-eligible population.

"Our Silver&Fit classes have had great success since we instituted NASM's OPT program, and I have observed senior participants confidently complete drills and improve their reaction time, speed, and agility," said Vicki Bernstein, Silver&Fit program manager for American Specialty Health.

As an innovative, multi-disciplined methodology, NASM's OPT program produces results specific to individual needs and goals and eliminates guesswork for fitness and sports medicine professionals. It features science-based training, conditioning and rehabilitation programs that incorporate flexibility, cardio respiratory, balance, agility, quickness and strength. OPT also provides a reliable and comprehensive source of injury prevention information and performance enhancement data based on the latest scientific research.

"The athletic assessment tools within the OPT program work well for participants of all ages, sizes and abilities because of its planned, systematic, scientifically based approach to improve functional abilities," said Dr. Clark. "Observing more seniors using our program and staying committed to their respective fitness and conditioning programs is a great source of pride for NASM and a reminder that it's never too late for older adults to adopt a structured approach to improving their health."

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