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National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL)

June 20, 2011 03:00 ET

National Center for Family Literacy Turns Fremont Into Wonderopolis®

NCFL's First Local Wonderopolis Program Fills Summer Learning Gap by Encouraging Families to Explore Their Own City

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2011) -


  • The National Center for Family Literacy has selected Fremont to roll out its first local Wonderopolis program, which encourages families to work together to learn about their community.
    • Starting June 20, Fremont families can explore their city by participating in a series of six simple weekly challenges tied to local wonders
    • Each wonder highlights a unique community asset, such as a park or a local event, spanning each of Fremont's five districts
    • Challenges will help kids of all ages use skills across multiple disciplines, including reading, math, science and nutrition
  • Continued learning over the summer is key to educational success. Wonderopolis provides a fun and free way for families to combat this learning gap by piquing children's curiosity in an informal setting. Numerous studies have pointed to the need for such a program, including 2007 University of Missouri research that found summer education loss for all students equals about one month regardless of their grade level.
  • The first challenge is: Why Has Fremont's Niles District Sometimes Been Called "The First Hollywood?"
    • Challenges will be posted each Monday on
    • Families can register online beginning June 20 -- or throughout the six-week program -- and submit their completed challenges online each week
  • Participating families who successfully complete at least three of the six weekly challenges will be entered to win a five-day all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.
    • The trip provides an opportunity for one family to learn more about our nation's history so they can further understand Fremont's role within it
    • Full contest rules and regulations can be found here.
  • The National Center for Family Literacy has numerous programs in which families throughout the Bay Area and nationwide can participate, including:
    • Camp What-A-Wonder is a free, virtual summer camp that will convene every Thursday from June 23 through Aug. 11, with weekly exercises that involve doing classic camp activities in a refreshing and family-oriented way
    • hosts free activities, such as an interactive Literacy House that suggests learning activities related to everyday household objects that families can embark on at home anytime
  • The Wonderopolis Fremont Challenge is supported by:
    • Toyota: For the last 20 years, NCFL and Toyota have worked together to develop innovative program models serving families in 50 cities across the country; a grant from Toyota supports the 2011 Wonderopolis Fremont Challenge
    • Verizon: NCFL and Verizon have partnered for 11 years to create technology-driven resources; NCFL is a content partner of, which works with national education organizations to offer comprehensive teaching and learning resources. The national Wonderopolis program is supported by a three-year grant from Verizon Foundation


  • "Turning Fremont into our very own Wonderopolis is an amazing way for families to find the wonder in this amazing city we call home. We're excited that all Fremont students have a chance to come back to school next fall with more knowledge about their community and the disciplines they're studying, such as history, math and science." - Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman

  • "The Wonderopolis program gives parents a way to show their kids that opportunities to learn in fun and interactive ways are everywhere they look -- from their own backyards and the city they live in to our nation's capital. Fremont's rich history and the diverse backgrounds of its citizens of all ages made it a natural and dynamic choice for our first local program." - Emily Kirkpatrick, NCFL Vice President

The Wonderopolis Fremont Challenge is a six-week program kicking off June 20th that offers local families the chance to explore their city by participating in a series of challenges tied to local wonders. Designed and executed by the National Center for Family Literacy, the worldwide leader in family literacy, the program helps Fremont families close the problematic summer learning gap in a fun and free way. For more information, visit

The National Center for Family Literacy, founded in 1989 and based in Louisville, Ky., is the worldwide leader in family literacy. More than 1 million families have made positive educational and economic gains as a result of NCFL's work, which includes training more than 150,000 teachers and thousands of volunteers. For more information, contact 1-877-FAMLIT-1 or visit

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