April 26, 2012 15:49 ET

National Debt Relief Programs Provide Real Answers to Credit Card Debt Problems

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2012) - The average household credit card debt for American consumers in January 2010 was $15,956, according to the Federal Reserve of Boston. American consumers, businesses and governments are deep in debt. The March 2012 default of Greece shows that adding new unmanageable loans to old unmanageable loans does not solve debt problems. The last loan ends up being "the straw that broke the camel's back." The problem is that most loans have high interest rates.

When a credit card has a high interest rate of 20% to 30%, it is impossible to keep up with the payments let alone pay down the balance. New loans usually have even higher interest rates plus the addition of penalties and fees. New loans do not make financial sense.

Many credit card banks focus on keeping consumers enslaved to unbearable debt loads. That is how they make tremendous profits.

Americans consumers are stressed out due to their debt problems. Depression, sleeping pills and relationship problems result from these money woes. People don't want to answer the telephone because they fear that another credit card representative or debt collector might be on the line.

No one wants the stress, harassment or credit rating downgrades that result from heavy debt loads. Consumers have rights. Credit card debt relief professionals can help debtors protect their rights and start negotiations with the banks directly to get out of debt. National Relief professionals will engage in skillful negotiation to protect consumer rights and reduce debt burdens by up to 60%.

Professional financial counselors can dramatically lower payment levels to fit consumer budgets. Workable solutions are offered to unworkable debt loads. A debt resolution plan considers individuals' circumstances and tailors a program to their needs.

Trained debt consultants can help consumers end calls from debt collectors and work with credit card companies to reach a fair settlement through debt negotiation. People can get back on their financial track to success at National Debt Relief Group.

Consumers can get their free debt analysis today at The process is quick, secure and confidential and there is no upfront fee to get started. They can work with financial experts to negotiate a manageable payment load with their credit card companies. National Relief provides real answers to credit card debt problems.