March 10, 2010 08:00 ET

National GPS Usage Data Reveals Wal-Mart Is Nation's Most Searched for Destination While on the Road

TeleNav Data Also Indicates Residents of Maryland Are Nation's Most Frequent Users of GPS Navigation

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2010) -  TeleNav, one of the largest navigation services providers with more than 13 million subscribers, today released usage data* that suggests users depend on GPS navigation for much more than getting from point A to point B. The data indicates that while customers in various cities depend on some GPS features more than others, when it comes to searching out nearby businesses on the road, drivers across the country seem to be in agreement on their favorites.

An analysis of searches conducted by TeleNav users in December 2009 indicated that Wal-Mart topped the list as the number one U.S. business TeleNav customers sought out while using their GPS service. Starbucks took a close second, proving Americans' obsession with morning lattes and mochaccinos is still quite strong. Two more large retailers, Target and Best Buy, took the third and fourth spots respectively, while Bank of America rounded out the top five most searched destinations in the country.

TeleNav data from all GPS point of interest (POI) searches for the entire 2009 year indicates that drivers living in or visiting some U.S. cities need more assistance locating local hotspots than in others. Los Angeles took the number one position as the city where most GPS searches occurred in 2009. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area followed in a close second, indicating that while things may be bigger in Texas, it doesn't always mean they're easier to find. Chicago, Houston and Atlanta, respectively, rounded out the top five U.S. cities where most GPS searches took place.

TeleNav's GPS search data also sheds some light on the cuisine preferences of American drivers. Search data from December 2009 showed that pizza is the top food item searched for by customers using TeleNav's GPS applications. Residents of Chicago led the way in GPS searches for pizza while residents of New York City were most likely to search for the nation's second preferred cuisine type, Chinese food. Rounding out the top five of America's most searched food types are burgers, American food and Mexican food, respectively. 

"Every month our users are conducting millions of searches while using GPS navigation applications. This data provides a very interesting look into the locations people across the country are searching for while on the road," said Sal Dhanani, co-founder and vice president, products and marketing for TeleNav. "In addition to searches, our customers are relying on our products to complete millions of trips each month. The data we've collected from these trips has helped us identify the features that are most relied on by our users and provides an intriguing look into how GPS usage differs across the country."

While users in every state depended on GPS guidance to travel, TeleNav's usage data for the entire 2009 year indicates that residents of Maryland were the most frequent users of GPS guidance, using the technology for twice as many trips per month than the national average. Completing the top five areas with residents relying heavily on GPS navigation to guide them are the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, North Carolina and California. 

Traffic remains an issue that many American drivers deal with on a daily basis. To help ease the stress of traffic, TeleNav provides users with real-time traffic information and the option to route around traffic incidents. As one of the nation's most traffic-plagued cities, it may not be surprising that TeleNav users in Los Angeles chose to use GPS navigation to reroute around traffic more than any other city in the nation. Other top five cities where drivers preferred to use GPS to get around traffic instead of sitting in gridlock included Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago and Atlanta, respectively.

Because TeleNav products are connected, users receive real-time information such as searching for gas stations based on current prices. Data from December 2009 indicates that residents of Phoenix may be the most cost conscious drivers in America, as residents of that city averaged more Gas by Price searches than any other city. In a close second, residents of San Antonio were also looking to save a buck at the pump through Gas by Price searches. Cleveland, Detroit and Jacksonville, respectively, rounded out the top five cities with such economical drivers.

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* National GPS usage data was collected anonymously from users of TeleNav GPS navigation products.

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