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National Wellness Alliance

February 14, 2013 06:00 ET

National Wellness Alliance Publishes Health Supplement Marketing System, "The 5 Touch Technique" to Healthcare Professionals Across the United States

NEW HAMPTON, IA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2013) - National Wellness Alliance today announced a supplement marketing program targeting ethical healthcare practitioners called The 5 Touch Technique.

The system serves physicians, surgeons, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists, health coaches, massage therapists, personal trainers and a host of other healthcare professionals by offering a simple and effective system for ethical supplement marketing to a patient/client base. The key to The 5 Touch Technique's strategy is to provide education, measurable data for patient compliance and a team approach for introducing supplements to patients.

The Age of the Healthcare Entrepreneur
The financial and operational demands placed on most professionals in the healing arts are such that many will struggle financially to stay afloat in the coming decades. A new era is emerging for healthcare entrepreneurs who wish to remain viable and successful. This new breed of healthcare professional will be a business thinker first and a practitioner second -- a paradigm shift necessary for survival in the coming years.

The Brain Shifts
In order for many in the healthcare industry to migrate to the "Healthcare Entrepreneur" model and initiate successful programs for recurring revenue, they will need to embrace five shifts in thinking:

  • A professional persona at peace with being an entrepreneur
  • A holistic health perspective, not myopic, specialist focus
  • Emphasis on preventive care instead of treating disease after the fact
  • Objective measurement of key biomarkers affected by supplementation
  • Helping patients become accountable for their own health instead of looking for a "quick fix" with pills or surgery

The 5 Touch Technique Structure
The program protects the healthcare professional from pushy and awkward sales or prescribing experiences with patients while ensuring that a systematic approach is instilled in the practice. It also brings a team approach to the equation by training and leveraging staff to introduce the nutraceutical program to patients and clients.

According to Dr. Riley Uglum, founder of National Wellness Alliance and author of the program:

"The world is changing and with it, the healthcare industry. In order to continue to serve patients, employ staff, and support the community; healthcare practitioners will need to embrace passive and recurring revenue opportunities that create cash income streams inside their practice while ensuring that they provide real and measurable preventive healthcare benefits to their patients.

"The 5 Touch Technique provides healthcare practitioners with a simple and yet consistent process for introducing supplementation strategies to patients. What makes our approach so valuable is that is helps healthcare professionals overcome the discomfort of 'selling' a product to a patient when that role is usually not one we typically embrace as a community."

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The National Wellness Alliance is comprised of leading practitioners in the healthcare field who are committed to serving patients and our profession. We are doctors with active practices and a passion for providing high tech wellness solutions that enable our patients to live longer and healthier lives. We also serve as advocates for others in our industry who wish to create tremendous value for their patients and a sustainable model for their own practice growth.

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