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The Dolans' Money Revolution

April 28, 2009 12:06 ET

Nationally Renowned Personal Finance Experts Announce New "Bill of Rights" for Investors

Financial Gurus Ken and Daria Dolan Demand That Americans Be Told the Truth by Their Investment Advisors and Elected Officials on Money Matters

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - April 28, 2009) - Personal finance experts Ken and Daria Dolan, who are frequently called "America's First Family of Personal Finance," today released a new "Bill of Rights" to provide Americans with a greater ability to take control of their money, make smart choices and demand and get accountability from Wall Street and Washington.

The Dolans, highly experienced personal finance professionals, compiled the Investors' Bill of Rights based on their more than 20 years of talking with individual investors on their national television shows and on their nationally syndicated radio program. During the more than 5000 programs, Ken and Daria spoke with thousands of Americans and gained first-hand knowledge of the economic pain people are feeling.

The Dolans' Bill of Rights is part of a new project, dubbed "The Dolans' Money Revolution™," that combines the Dolans' vast knowledge of personal finance with common sense advice on fairness and transparency. Visitors to can download the Bill of Rights, get free access to three special reports -- "Money Savers: A Dozen Great Ways to Start Saving Today," "Investment Survival: What Should I Invest in Now" and "Retirement Rescue: How Much Do I Really Need to Retire?" -- and receive on-demand videos focused on debt/credit management, retirement planning and investing basics -- a topic that the Dolans call "Investing 101."

The Dolans' Bill of Rights serves as a guide to what Americans should demand and expect from their financial advisors, the government and the companies in which they invest.

"Americans have a right to responsible, ethical and fair recommendations that meet personal objectives and a right to consumer protections from the government," says Ken Dolan. "So, we've established a Bill of Rights for Americans to guide them through what to expect from their financial advisors."

"We need an investors' bill of rights because we're in an environment where you have to figure out both what is the best investment for you and how best to make your hard-earned dollars work for you," said Daria Dolan. "This is especially important and difficult when, like now, there is a volatile economy and ever-changing regulations and where you must avoid the Madoffs of the world."

Daria added, "Investors have to take control of their money and the Bill of Rights will make that increasingly possible. The simple truth is that no one cares as much about what happens to your money as you do."

"Whether they are saving, spending, investing or retiring, Americans need real-life, actionable answers to real money problems," added Daria. "Current times call for a 'hands-on' approach to educating people on how to live money smart, debt-free and cash rich. That's what the Bill of Rights and the Dolans' Money Revolution™ are all about."

The Dolans' Money Revolution™ includes both online and on-demand classes as well as live classroom training on family money matters. Live training sessions are scheduled to take place in major cities throughout the United States beginning in early May.

The Dolans' Bill of Rights includes the following 10 provisions:

1. You have the right to rely on dependable, ethical, and highly competent financial advisors to help you plan your personal financial future with recommendations that are in keeping with your stated investment objectives. But, you have the ultimate personal responsibility for managing your money!

2. You have the right to expect competent regulation and consumer protection from the SEC, FDIC and other government agencies and that they will provide you with effective recourse against fraudulent investments and promoters without a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

3. You have the right to receive from your investment advisor fair and unbiased material facts about the risks, obligations, and costs of any investment before you invest, including a list of what could go wrong and when to sell.

4. You have the right to be provided responsible recommendations based on your investment objectives, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance

5. Up to the legal limit, you have the right to feel totally secure when you deposit money in a bank. You also have the right for each bank to provide, by posted notice, its safety rating furnished by an independent rating company.

6. You have the right to access to your funds at a financial institution at any time, in a timely manner, and with no check-hold limitations of more than 24 hours

7. You have the right to question the background, financial stability, and history of any company or investment professional with whom you plan to invest

8. You have the right to interview more than one broker/financial planner at a firm before beginning to invest. You also have the right to request a different broker/financial planner at any time.

9. You have the right to move your account to a new investment firm whenever you wish in a timely, efficient manner.

10. As a taxpayer, you have the right to exercise your common sense ownership rights in the companies you own. This includes the right to demand that bonuses for senior executives be based on performance and to expect management to understand that it is the steward of your company


On their national television shows on CNN, CNN.fn and CNBC and for nearly 20 years on WOR Radio in the New York metro marketplace and fifteen years in national radio syndication, Ken and Daria Dolan, "America's First Family of Personal Finance," have dispensed award-winning, timely and actionable personal financial information with their unique, entertaining and engaging style. For more information visit

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