September 28, 2011 15:49 ET

The Native American Fair Commerce Coalition Responds to CBS News Online Short Term Loan Segment Broadcast of Monday, September 26

NAFCC Takes Issue With CBS News and the Center for Public Integrity for Attacking Native American Sovereign Rights

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Sep 28, 2011) - The Native American Fair Commerce Coalition (NAFCC), a representative organization comprised of like-minded tribes and tribal members that are committed to protecting the sovereign rights -- well settled in U.S. law -- of Native Americans to pursue business and economic opportunities for their tribes nationwide, responds to a CBS News investigative piece, in part, focused on Native American involvement in the business of online short term loans. Broadcast on Monday, September 26, the segment was co-produced by CBS News and the Washington, DC-based Center for Public Integrity (CPI).

"Through mistruths, half-truths, innuendo and outright falsehoods, the CBS and Center for Public Integrity piece has willfully and maliciously attacked Native American tribes and given no credence or mention of the precious right of sovereign immunity that stands as the fine line between economic self-preservation and economic ruin for Native American tribes nationwide," charged Cyrus Schindler, former President of the Seneca Nation of Indians. "Native American tribes, as distinct political entities, hold a unique place in America's history and in our country's legal system. Accordingly, we must always remain vigilant against misguided attacks from those whose special interests conflict with our rights and ability to pursue tribal economic well-being," said Schindler.

"The NAFCC takes issue with the way CBS and the Center for Public Integrity intentionally and maliciously maligned Native American Tribes who operate legal online short term loan businesses. Contrary to the view of CBS and CPI, the NAFCC understands Native American opportunities in online short term lending, conducted with strict consumer protections, provide thousands of consumers nationwide with short term financing required to help address emergency needs. Tribes involved in legal online short term lending and other business ventures are able to use the positive economic impact from these activities to provide critical items as medical care, education and many other basic necessities that would otherwise be sacrificed," according to Darold Stagner, Executive Director of the NAFCC. "It is unfortunate some would attack Native Americans to advance their own political agenda," said Stagner.

"Citizens of our country and the United States Government have long recognized the fact that Native American tribes are free to engage in commerce, unhindered by bias or discrimination. We believe that those seeking to deny Native Americans of their business development and entrepreneurial rights are on the wrong side of this issue, and on the wrong side of history. To protect our culture and our livelihood, we will continue to remain focused on the protection of Native American Sovereign immunity and on the safeguarding of this solemn right," added Stagner.

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