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December 10, 2010 12:07 ET

NATIXIS is buying back 1,350 million euro Super Subordinated Securities held by BPCE

PARIS--(Marketwire - December 10, 2010) - Natixis is buying back 1,350 million euro Super Subordinated Securities held by BPCE

Natixis notifies today that it is buying back 1,350 million euro Super Subordinated Securities (SSS); this amount includes the 518 million euros announced with the release of the 2010 third quarter results (November 9, 2010). These securities are currently held by BPCE.

The buyback is as follows:

- 1,150 million euro securities issued on December 11, 2008, bearing a 9.14% yearly interest;

- 200 million euro securities issued on June 26, 2009, bearing a 9.01% yearly interest.

This SSS buyback has been made possible by the strong improvement of Natixis' solvency ratios (tier one ratio: 11.2% at end September 2010, 10.9% pro forma of the previously announced reimbursement of 518 million euro SSS). This early complementary reimbursement enables Natixis to avoid a 12.6 million euro reimbursement premium increase which would have been due from December 11, 2010.

The buyback of these instruments will improve the profit per share with a pre-tax interest reduction amounting approximately to 7 million euros in 2010 and approximately to 123 million euros in 2011.

As a reminder, the interest expenses linked to these instruments (coupons) are directly accounted for as equity, as well as the corresponding tax savings. Natixis specifies that the consolidated tax rate should amount to about 30% from the year 2011.


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