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December 17, 2015 09:35 ET

Natumin Pharma Announces Brand Expansion in American Market

Swedish Company's Cosmeceutical Products Coming to the United States

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 17, 2015) - Natumin Pharma, a company based in Sweden that focuses on developing unique health products for people who live active lifestyles, announced it is bringing its Snö brand of cosmeceutical products to the American market.

Natumin's products are developed specifically to enable active people to perform optimally. For many in Sweden, this could mean mountain biking, climbing, skiing, trail running or lake swimming, but it could also simply mean gardening, hiking or any other physical activity that gets your heart rate up.

"We are very excited to bring these products to a completely new audience," said Stuart McInnes, Global Sales Manager for Natumin. "We have put a lot of effort into ensuring these products meet extremely high quality standards with the processes we've used to develop them and the ingredients we use. People who experience aches and pains during or after exercise can greatly benefit from these products."

Natumin's cosmeceuticals include snö Support, snö Relief and snö Recovery in a high quality, clean and easy to use airless pump system. Support is a thermotherapeutic warming muscle gel that contains a unique combination of menthol, camphor and extract made from Arnica Montana, a mountain herb commonly used for treating muscle pains. It is applied on typically affected areas before the activity for faster warm up and greater comfort during activity.

Snö Relief is a cryothermic cooling muscle gel that also makes use of menthol and camphor. By massaging a thin layer on to the skin during or after activity, the gel will combat pains and injuries in the same way as an ice pack but without the associated numbness. Many people enjoy stocking snö Relief in their first aid kit when out on the trails.

The third product, snö Recovery, is made specifically for use after exercise is over and in the following days. It contains a proprietary blend of menthol and various herbal extracts, which makes it perfect for soothing tired, sore legs and feet after running or walking. If you experience tightness after standing or sitting for a long time at work, you can also use snö Recovery for some much-needed relief.

"These products have a wide variety of applications, they're easy to use, and they are extremely effective," said McInnes. "Based on the way customers in Sweden have embraced these products, we are certain American consumers will also love them. We look forward to bringing them to the United States."

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