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March 24, 2011 13:07 ET

Natural Beauty Company Ecco Bella Helps Create New Animal Residence

Joins With Primarily Primates Sanctuary in Efforts for Famed Chimpanzee Oliver

WEST ORANGE, NJ--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - Sally Malanga, Founder of Ecco Bella, a natural beauty company providing personal care products that are not tested on animals, has announced that the company will help fund Project Oliver, an online photo series about the life of a chimpanzee named Oliver, and the efforts of Primarily Primates to create an expanded habitat where Oliver and the other primates can climb, play, explore and enjoy an enriched life.

His gait is a lot slower, his fur grayer and a bit scruffy, but Oliver the chimpanzee still had a mischievous sparkle in his blind eye -- amazing, considering all that he has gone through over the past forty years.

In the 1970s, Oliver was touted as the "The Missing Link." Purportedly part-human and part-chimpanzee, Oliver could walk upright, and he reportedly watched television with his owner -- while smoking cigars!

Unfortunately for Oliver, his seemingly human abilities drew the attention of scientists, who subjected him to years of testing. Left blind and arthritic, Oliver was eventually released to Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary in Texas supported by Friends of Animals. It is his story that became the inspiration for Project Oliver.

Oliver's new habitat will have a grass area beneath various climbing structures and other elements suitable for a chimpanzee. Tunnels from other habitats will enable different groups of chimpanzees to take turns enjoying this new environment. For many of them, including Oliver, this will be the first time in years that they have been able to walk on grass.

"This has been a rewarding, collaborative effort," says Primarily Primates Executive Director Stephen Tello. "We've actually teamed up with the Boy Scouts of America to help renovate a new enclosure for Oliver."

Documenting this humanitarian effort is film-maker Andy Cockrum. "Our hope is that the series will promote and inspire the building of new habitats for Oliver and other captive chimpanzees and monkeys who are cast-offs from the pet trade, entertainment and biomedical research industries."

Like all worthy causes, Project Oliver needs continued financial support to ensure its success. Helping to rally other compassionate patrons to the cause is Sally Malanga, a board member of Primarily Primates. Malanga founded Ecco Bella, a natural and organic beauty company, to provide personal care products that are not tested on animals.

Ecco Bella has created a special product, Ecco Bella Mascara and is donating 20% of sales from that to Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates. The purchase of the mascara also includes membership in those two organizations.

Ecco Bella,, is a natural beauty company which recognizes that humans have a deep connection to nature and advocates the peaceful co-existence of all living beings.

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