SOURCE: The Healthy Carnivore

January 10, 2006 09:00 ET

Natural Meat E-tailer Goes Head-to-Head With Local Butcher and Premium Mail Order Companies

VERNON, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 10, 2006 -- The Healthy Carnivore today announced its grand opening. The natural meats e-tailer will take on the local butcher and mail order companies such as Omaha Steaks in an effort to change the way consumers think about and purchase meat. With its premium, all-natural, artisan-cut meats, including beef, chicken, pork and lamb, The Healthy Carnivore makes delicious natural meats available to anyone at anytime -- for gift-giving and daily consumption.

The Healthy Carnivore's cut-to-order, free-range, grain-fed meats rival the taste and quality of other first-rate brands, but contain no hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. The Healthy Carnivore provides a sensible and delicious alternative to the grocer's meat case and traditional mail-order catalogs. The Healthy Carnivore offers next-day delivery; fresh-frozen and beautifully presented.

The Healthy Carnivore improves the experience of buying online. With superior customization and an easy, intuitive user interface, health-conscious, discerning users are treated to an exceptional shopping experience. Given the size, commitment and mission of The Healthy Carnivore, customer service and quality are never compromised. The Healthy Carnivore is designed around its users -- their demands, tastes and values.

Founder Ken McLaughlin affirms, "The Healthy Carnivore provides the convenience, quality, taste and healthfulness that today's families demand from their shopping and dining experiences. The Healthy Carnivore caters to people with limited time, but a limitless desire to serve the highest-quality, healthiest and tastiest meats available anywhere."

About the Healthy Carnivore

The Healthy Carnivore was established in 2005, as a collaboration between Ken McLaughlin, a Web designer, health enthusiast and meat lover, and Jobbers Meat Packing, a renowned, 27-year-old packing and distribution company. Armed with a desire to provide natural meats to health-conscious families, Ken used his design and programming skills to create a new kind of company. With help from Jobbers, Ken mastered the art of raising, processing and distributing certified natural meats. Ken learned best practices from industry leaders, and prepared himself to provide the finest natural meats available. Capitalizing on Jobber's long-standing relationships with America's most trusted natural meat growers, Ken established enduring partnerships of his own. Using Jobbers' packing and distribution facilities and products provided by select meat growers, the company proudly provides the freshest, highest-quality natural meats available, incorporating leading-edge interactivity, a personalized shopping experience and superlative customer service.

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