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Nature's Instincts, Inc.

September 06, 2011 12:30 ET

Nature's Instincts Announces All Natural Sleeping Supplement That Delivers Peaceful Night's Sleep Without That Hung-Over Feeling and Is Non-Habit Forming "Somina PM"

Insomnia Costs Sleep-Deprived Employees 252 Million Productive Days a Year and Over $67 Billion in Lost Productivity

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2011) - Nature's Instincts, Inc. ( in association with United Treatment Centers, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: UTRM) announced today that it has launched its premier sleeping aid supplement, Somina PM, an all natural non-habit forming sleeping supplement.

If you were told there was an all-natural sleep aid that could help you effortlessly fall asleep and sleep peacefully all night long, would you be interested?

If you were shown how a new formulation could help you reach the deep REM sleep and maybe even help your body recruit your own stem cells to repair the damage done during the day, would this get your attention?

If you thought natural sleep aids don't work, think again! If you feel that you just have to accept your sleep problems, stop! There is big news for you! Most all natural sleep aids contain only one or a couple of ingredients. For example, if you buy Melatonin, you will get... you guessed it... Melatonin only! If you buy Valerian, you get Valerian only! The problem is that each one of these one-ingredient products addresses only one aspect of sleep. Melatonin may help you fall asleep, but won't keep you asleep. Valerian may reduce the number of night-time awakenings, but does very little to boost Serotonin, your sleep hormone. We could go on and on, but we believe you get the point.

So, if you haven't found a solution to your sleeping problems, it's not because the solution doesn't exist. It is that you just haven't yet found the right combination that works for YOU!

Somina PM is a combination of twelve powerful ingredients -- It is the Lexus or the Rolls Royce of sleep aids! It solves the problem we just described. Its ingredients work synergistically in phases to help you: relax, fall asleep, stay asleep, reach healthy REM and... reach deep sleep levels without waking feeling hung-over or groggy. Somina PM contains Indium Sulphate, a lesser known trace mineral. According to studies, Indium works with your brain's HPA complex where it may modulate hormones that can promote or interfere with sleep, such as epinephrine, adrenaline and cortisols. In other words, if you have too many stress hormones floating around when you try to go to sleep, Indium goes to work to balance them out! Indium may also promote REM and deep sleep.

Harvard studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidly because they are clear on what they really want! If you are not getting the sleep you need, we urge you to follow the link to our website below, and take immediate action! Take responsibility and solve your sleep problems with this new all natural sleep aid... once and for all!

About Nature's Instincts, Inc.

Nature's Instincts President, Dr. David Summers, has developed a proprietary patent pending platform of all natural health products based on a core technology derived from stem cell research. The products are comprised of a series of natural plant extracts and other natural components with a wide array of properties, all of which benefit from their unique abilities to better integrate the products advantages into human cell structure and work on the body's own stem cells. Nature's Instincts, Inc. offers a total of seven products. They are Stemulite II AM for men, Stemulite II PM for men, Stemulite II AM for women, Stemulite II PM for women, ProStem II, SominaPM and AlertNRG. Nature's Instincts' platform of products are all natural. Nature's Instincts' products do not have any negative side effects and are non-addictive. For more information visit:

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