March 18, 2013 08:19 ET

Navevo Puts Freight Operators Back in Control of Their Fleets With its New Transport Planning System Extension

Line of Route technology enables fleets to navigate the exact route produced by their transport planning software, saving thousands in wasted fuel and man-hours each year

LETCHWORTH, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - March 18, 2013) -

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Navevo, the navigation specialists and developers of innovative and forward-thinking sat nav for HGV drivers, has today announced the launch of its Line of Route technology, an advanced navigation system specifically designed for fleet operators that can significantly cut down on wasted journeys and lost man hours, saving thousands of pounds every year.

Currently fleet operators use a sophisticated transport planning and management system to produce an optimised schedule for deliveries. However, when these schedules are provided to a driver they generally consist of just an ordered list of stops and the actual route the driver should take between each stop is never made available. This leaves a driver to individually decide which route to take between each stop using a variety of different methods including local knowledge, printed maps or a satnav system. The problem is that none of these methods exactly match the optimised scheduled route calculated by the transport planning software, thus creating a significant disparity between planned vs. actual. This affects customer satisfaction, wastes fuel and increases the time taken to complete a delivery schedule, meaning these carefully planned routes between deliveries are rendered redundant.

While investigating the planned vs. actual issue, Navevo reports that fleet operators are seeing an average difference of eight miles per driver per day, equating to wasted fuel costs of over £1100 per year per vehicle. One operator with a national fleet of over 650 rigids, 60 of which operate in London on a daily basis with 10-20 drops per vehicle per day, was incurring wasted fuel costs in excess of £700,000 per year, and approximately 97.5 wasted man hours every day.

Navevo's Line of Route technology helps solve this problem by allowing drivers to follow a route produced by their transport planning software, ensuring the actual driven route is an exact duplicate of the one created by the job planner. Even if the driver comes off the planned route at any time, the navigation software is able to recalculate a route that gets the driver back to the original planned route, ensuring that it is closely followed throughout the entire journey.

And it's not just fleet operators and HGV drivers who can benefit from Line of Route technology. The system has been designed to work in a range of operational environments including refuse collection, gritting operations, bus and coach operations and event-based transport operations. Line of Route technology is available on all of Navevo's ProNav range of dedicated HGV navigations systems (that also offer dedicated large vehicle routing with height, weight, width etc.), as well as in a software only version for integration with other fleet technology solutions.

As part of the launch, Navevo has teamed up with 121 Systems to offer a complete end-to-end Line of Route solution. 121 Systems has developed an extension to its industry leading Roadnet Transportation Suite to allow fleet operators to upload routes directly from Roadnet into Navevo's ProNav HGV navigation system. This helps job planners ensure that their optimised routes and delivery schedules are closely followed by drivers. Navevo and 121 Systems believe that you can't have an action without a plan but this system will allow the plan to be achieved more easily.

"This planned vs. actual disparity is a recognised issue within the industry and our Line of Route technology finally allows operators to take full control of the route a driver takes between stops," said Navevo CEO, Nick Caesari. "In partnering with 121 Systems we believe our combined solution will help operators significantly reduce waste and environmental impact, as well as time spent on the road."

"Effectively delivering to a customer is not a process, it is a mind-set, it is customer service of the highest standard, it is an added value and 121 Systems continue to create new opportunities for businesses to achieve this," said 121 Systems Managing Director, Chris Sisson. "Partnering with Navevo has enabled us to introduce this new addition to our truly integrated Order Delivery Platform Series. By centrally managing all satellite navigation systems, transport planners and IT can now be fully in control of drivers' routes enabling the plan to be correctly executed. Introducing a competitively priced solution to the market, we have made it easier for businesses to start investing in transport optimisation software, this is especially important within the current economic climate."

About Navevo

Navevo is the UK's leading navigation software specialist and provides a complete range of solutions from sophisticated 'on board' in-vehicle satellite navigation systems to location-aware applications and services. Since inception, Navevo has always put innovation at the forefront of its strategy and has developed a number of 'first to market' navigation products such as ProNav, the first navigation system specifically designed for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers, and BBNav, the first navigation system designed for disabled drivers. Navevo is recognised as one of the innovation leaders in the navigation industry and has received a number of awards including the 2008 'European Telematics Product Innovation Award' from Frost & Sullivan (a global growth consulting company which partners with clients to support the development of innovative growth strategies) in recognition of its ProNav system.

About 121 Systems

121 Systems Ltd is a dedicated & passionate organisation with years of experience specialising in the development, implementation and support of sophisticated transport management software that ultimately results in safe, sustainable and efficient logistics processes for a wide range of industries. They are also the only qualified solution provider to grow Roadnet Technologies market within the UK and Europe and are one of the few solution providers within the UK that offer the market a truly integrated logistics planning system.

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