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May 06, 2008 12:17 ET

NaviSite Expands Global Relationship to Offer Solaris On Demand

NaviSite to Help ISVs Deliver Software-as-a-Service With Sun

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - NaviSite, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAVI), a leading provider of application solutions and managed services, today announced that it has expanded its relationship with Sun Microsystems to offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to independent software vendors (ISVs) through the Solaris On Demand program. The Solaris On Demand program provides ISVs with the ability to quickly develop and deliver their software applications in an on-demand environment hosted and supported by NaviSite in the U.S. and the U.K., utilizing Sun products and technologies.

The technology and infrastructure services provided by NaviSite will enable ISVs to develop software applications that meet the availability, security, scalability and cost requirements of their own customers while reducing their costs. The program allows ISVs to rapidly convert their existing applications to a SaaS model, making it possible for them to go from a traditional on-premises licensing structure to one where their applications are offered on-demand without the need for a multi-tenant application platform.

"We are delighted with this latest opportunity to expand our existing relationship with Sun," said James Fanella, Senior Vice President for Strategic Business Development, NaviSite. "The Solaris On Demand program leverages NaviSite's extensive footprint in the U.S. and the U.K. as well as our breadth of experience in delivering cost-effective SaaS enablement services to a growing ISV community both here and abroad."

NaviSite was chosen to participate in the program based on its leadership and a proven track record in providing innovative technology and expertise in SaaS enablement to ISVs as well as NaviSite's network of 18 state-of-the-art data centers in the U.S. and the U.K. The Solaris On Demand program features a 90-day proof-of-concept provided by NaviSite where ISVs have access to hosting, hardware, managed services and backup service. In addition, the offering allows NaviSite to manage all of an ISV's applications for on-demand customers. NaviSite complements the program with a number of optional fee-based services, including SaaS business consulting, technology consulting, application development and project management services.

"Working closely with our community of ISVs, we developed a program to meet the needs of ISVs as they move from on-premise solutions and business practices to an on-demand model," said Juan Carlos Soto, Vice President of Global Market Development and Engineering, Sun. "The Solaris On Demand program combines Sun's expertise and leading network computing technologies with energy-efficient systems and high-availability hosting solutions from NaviSite. Together with NaviSite's leading hosting services, Sun is looking forward to empowering ISVs everywhere to realize the business benefits of an on-demand solution."

According to the Gartner Group(1), the market for SaaS is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 22 percent through 2011. Gartner believes that small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources to convert their applications will find SaaS to be an attractive solution to their existing legacy systems.

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(1) Source: Gartner 2008

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