March 01, 2017 15:24 ET

NCWC Inc. of New Jersey Turning Into Service Agreement Hub

OCEAN, NJ--(Marketwired - Mar 1, 2017) - NCWC Inc., a consumer service agreement company based in New Jersey, has been transforming the service agreement industry in New Jersey. The company has seen considerable growth in the North East of the country that has allowed them to invest heavily in additional staff and technology, the firm is hoping that New Jersey will eventually become a go-to hub for service agreements throughout the North East.

A company spokesperson said on the matter, "We're really enjoying the success we've experienced here in New Jersey, we've entered a market that has had little liquidity in the past and made it our own. From our current location we are afforded great access to the rest of the North Eastern market. Our revenues have far exceeded our growth forecasts and we believe this is down to our considerably high customer satisfaction levels in the local area."

The company also recently earned an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) thanks to President Michael Shaftel' hard work -- no easy feat for a company operating in the fiercely competitive world of consumer service agreements. The BBB aims to provide non-biased analysis of firms' practices by allowing customers to review them online. NCWC Inc. have provided consistent upstanding service to their clients in New Jersey region and will no doubt be feeling the benefits of being one of the area's top consumer service agreement firms.

NCWC Inc.'s service agreement cover a range of different service needs. Customers are able to select the amount of coverage that they feel is appropriate for their vehicle. Extended warranty service agreements have become a stalwart in the motor vehicle industry -- they provide coverage for costly repairs that may occur in the later years of a car's life. The company has been in expansion mode as of late thanks to their positive reviews and excellent customer service as exemplified by their A rating with the BBB.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from the services that NCWC Inc. offers their customers, please head to their URL at: Alternatively, you can contact a customer service representative directly at 800-599-9557.

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