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Ontario's NDP

September 30, 2007 16:59 ET

NDP Momentum-Monitor: Critical Praise Grows for Hampton, a Leader With Integrity

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2007) - In this campaign, working Ontarians have been treated to a clearer picture of Dalton McGuinty as a politician who has let them down - on taxes, on tuition, on the environment and on the minimum wage.

The clear alternative is Howard Hampton and the NDP. Today, two of the province's leading columnists concluded that by offering critical praise of Hampton's "fair deal" campaign:

Rob Granatstein,

"Howard steps forward", Toronto Sun, Sunday, September 30, 2007:

"Dare I say it, but it just might be time to start paying attention to Ontario's New Democratic Party. Yes, those guys in orange (. . .) Well, Hampton has vowed to roll back the hated McGuinty health tax for people who make less than $80,000 annually. He's also promised to peel back that rich, 25% pay hike MPPs graciously awarded themselves last Christmas. A lot of us are with him there. And those are just two of Hampton's six priorities. ( . . . )

Let's hope that for Hampton, unlike McGuinty, promises actually mean something. The final point is that while all three mainstream parties seem willing to spend more on transit and cities, the NDP has the most money committed. (Thus, this may be an area for consensus building and actually doing some good, no matter who wins the election, if it's a minority government.) . . ."

Randal Denley

"NDP deserves more support; If the public paid better attention, they'd see Hampton's policies are far superior to McGuinty's" The Ottawa Citizen , September 30, 2007

It must be terribly frustrating being Howard Hampton. The NDP leader has fought a good campaign aimed squarely at working families and he's certainly the equal of Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty, yet Hampton's party remains a distant third in public opinion polls and no one seriously believes he will be the province's next premier. ( . . .)

It can't be the two leaders' personal qualities. Both are lawyers, intelligent and politically experienced. Hampton hasn't had the burden of being premier, so he doesn't leave a trail of broken promises. One would think that would be a plus. Two similar leaders, one with integrity issues, the other without. It ought to be advantage Hampton. ( . . .)

This has been a lazy election that doesn't seem to have engaged voters. That works in favour of McGuinty and his status quo campaign. As long as you don't think about the Liberal record or the issues, the premier looks pretty good. Too bad for Hampton, and too bad for Ontario voters.

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