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Ontario's NDP

September 19, 2007 15:30 ET

NDP Unveils Cancer Prevention Strategy

Beating cancer means preventing it

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2007) - Howard Hampton, Leader of Ontario's NDP, unveiled an aggressive cancer prevention plan for Ontario. Speaking in front of the London Health Sciences Centre, Mr. Hampton said the NDP is committed to preventing cancer by reducing the exposure of working families to cancer-causing agents including tobacco and toxic substances in our everyday environment.

"We know there's a direct link between tobacco, exposure to toxins and cancer. It we're going to fight cancer, we need to stop exposing our families to cancer-causing agents including tobacco and toxic substances in our homes and backyards," said Hampton.

Closely following priorities set by the Canadian Cancer Society, the NDP will build on its reputation as a leader in the fight against tobacco with a strong tobacco reduction strategy to prevent lung and oral cancers. The NDP plan includes cracking down on contraband and an Anti-Smoking Tobacco Tax to increase the cost of cigarettes by 17 per cent, bringing the rate up to British Columbia's, the leader in Canada.

"Despite the well-known risks, young people continue to take up smoking. We need to stop this. Studies show every ten per cent increase in the price of cigarettes results in a four per cent decrease in consumption. Raising the cost of cigarettes and stopping contraband is the most effective way to discourage our sons and daughters from starting down this toxic road," said Hampton.

The NDP's Right-to-Know law is a key part of its Cancer Prevention Plan. The law will ensure that families know when there are dangerous chemicals in their water, in their air, in their workplaces, in their backyards and in their children's toys.

"A central goal in the fight against cancer has to be preventing it in the first place. By limiting exposure to toxic substances and cutting tobacco use we'll protect our kids' health. That's a commitment you can count on," said Hampton.

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