NDrive Navigation Systems S.A.

NDrive Navigation Systems S.A.

May 24, 2010 11:17 ET

NDrive USA Targets 1,000,000 iPhone Users @ $2.99

PORTO, PORTUGAL--(Marketwire - May 24, 2010) - There's a buzz about the NDrive office. Clicking of mice, sipping of coffee, and intense discussion between employees are the sounds emanating from their workplace. After all, NDrive developers and managers alike have been working around the clock for months to offer something the USA Apple App Market has yet to realize. NDrive USA : a full license, professional on-board GPS navigation app for $2.99.

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After seriously impacting the European Apple App Market, NDrive Navigation Systems S.A, a leading iPhone on-board navigation system in the Apple App Store in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil has launched a campaign today to offer a promotional price of $2.99 for the first 1,000,000 downloads in the United States. This campaign seeks to make NDrive software appealing to the masses of hardworking individuals in the US. The launch will leverage NDrive's core-competencies which include a world class development team while staying true to their motto, 'It's not what the software does. It's what the user does.' Whether you're a taxi driver in the big apple or a white collar weekend warrior, NDrive has targeted you. This new application turns your iPhone 3G/3GS into a fully functioning GPS navigation device that is ready to use in the car, while walking in the city or during outdoor adventures. App Critics agree that NDrive USA has great usability, fluid GPS tracking, and fully functional signposts and lane-assistance which are sound improvements to their existing platform.

As competition continues to be fierce in the US application market, providers like NDrive have stepped up to the plate ready to swing away. NDrive is a 4+ star rated application of the Apple App store worldwide (even in the demanding German market) and company managers believe that the next logical step is to follow the market demand which is strong in the American Apple App Store. The launching of 'Democratize', NDrive's latest campaign to sell 1,000,000 navigation applications at $2.99, is part of the company's global strategy to gain traction and hit USA markets hard. Well known on-board GPS navigation providers such as TomTom ($59.99), and Navigon North America ($49.99) provide similar services at a much higher price. However, the future of navigation solutions inherently puts power in the consumer's hands. Today we ask you to exercise that power, download NDrive's turn-by-turn navigation application for $2.99, and decide for yourself.

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About NDrive

NDrive Navigation Systems, SA is a worldwide provider of navigation services to mobile platforms. Founded in 2001, the company has a staff of 80 people and is headquartered in Porto, Portugal with sales offices on all continents.

NDrive currently sells its products in over 40 countries throughout the world under its own brand or via OEMs. Its customers include well known brands in categories such as laptop (HP) consumer electronics (ARCHOS), mapping portal (Mappy), handset manufacturer (Samsung, HTC, Toshiba) and wireless operator (TMN).

NDrive's navigation software is running on Android, iPhone, Linux, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms on hundreds of mobile devices. 

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