February 17, 2009 10:29 ET

NEC Launches SaaS Solution Platform for Global Telecom Operators

TOKYO--(Marketwire - February 17, 2009) - NEC Corporation announced today the international sales launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution platform. The platform is geared for telecom operators that are seeking to provide a variety of services via a single portal to meet the IT needs of enterprise customers.

NEC's SaaS solution platform has a wide array of valuable functions, which include a single sign-on interface, authentication, user management, ID management and application management for telecom operators. In addition to its broad variety of SaaS functions, NEC also offers comprehensive business support for telecom operators who are initiating SaaS solutions, as well as a user portal, End-to-End solutions and integration with OSS/BSS. Moreover, NEC's experience and know-how from deploying services in Japan and Australia allow the company to offer consultation services that focus on helping telecom operators to accelerate their service delivery and monetize their investments.

As technical innovation and market expansion have rapidly advanced, network and investment costs have become a major challenge for international telecom operators. NEC's existing SaaS solutions in Australia help to alleviate business pressures by allowing trial use of its infrastructure for international telecom operators that are interested in implementing SaaS services of their own. This trial use of SaaS solutions facilitates cost reduction and enables telecom operators to quickly and effectively launch service.

Please see below for additional benefits provided by NEC's SaaS solution platform.

--  Diverse applications that cater to a wide variety of user needs
    In addition to NEC's existing partnerships with leading SaaS developers,
    NEC also supports telecom operators' partnerships with application vendors
    in order to expand service choices and satisfy customer needs. Telecom
    operators can also improve services by aggregating a variety of
    applications on a common SaaS solution platform, then capitalize on
    specific application features to provide complementary services via a
    single convenient portal.  For example, customer information from a CRM
    application may be combined with VoIP services in order to quickly and
    effectively place calls.
--  Synergies enhance telecom operator services
    SaaS solution platform enhancements are expected to be realized through NEC
    network software products, including Device Management and OSS solutions,
    which work together to strengthen value added services for telecom
    operators. The SaaS solution platform provides an Application Programming
    Interface (API) that works with existing telecommunication equipment, and
    facilitates integration across network software products.
--  Experience accelerates SaaS business
    Telecom operator business is firmly supported by NEC's experience and know-
    how in providing SaaS platform technologies. Based on such experience and
    know-how, NEC services include system integration, consultation,
    localization, training and maintenance. NEC enables telecom operators to
    accelerate their service delivery and monetize their investments.

NEC SaaS solutions have already launched in Australia. Please visit the NEC Australia website for more information:

Looking forward, NEC is seeking to expand business throughout Europe, Asia and all over the world.

NEC will showcase its SaaS solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 2009), held in Barcelona, Spain from February 16, 2009.

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