April 18, 2012 02:44 ET

NeedToEat Debuts Innovative Health and Fitness Application, Empowers Users to Achieve Personal Goals

NeedToEat Helps Users Achieve Goals Faster: Intelligent, Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-Use Application

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - NeedToEat ( unveils a powerfully intuitive health and wellness maintenance application designed to empower health-conscious users and to help them achieve healthier, more balanced lifestyles. Its proprietary methodology and algorithm intelligently integrates real-life factors into the planning process and continually analyzes historical trends to provide realistic, achievable goals.

"Simply tell NeedToEat what you want and require, and it will guide you with realistic goals," said NeedToEat's CEO and founder, Daniel Nguyen. "Our proprietary algorithm predicts users' current situation and then give them realistic guidelines to follow. It automatically adapts to your lifestyle instead of forcing you to follow a structured program that may be difficult to do. Users can now relax and focus on achieving their goals, instead of trying to guess if they are going to succeed."

It is difficult to follow a busy schedule, and then find time to plan healthy meals and journal them. People will ultimately eat foods that they crave regardless of how determined they are to achieve their health goals. NeedToEat's solution is to empower users with its intuitive application, allowing them to take charge of their health decisions. The application allows users to plan meals with just regular foods that they like or would normally consume.

NeedToEat is smart enough to learn about the users' habits, and to include their preferences, dietary restrictions, fitness goals, current emotional state and weather into the planning process. It seamlessly factors in local sale items, and presents them in simple and convenient meal plans for those budget-conscious users. Each suggested plan is generated in real time and tries to be as realistic to what the users would normally do, making it much easier for them to follow and to achieve their goals.

The plan can quickly be added to their journal or shared with others on social networks. Users can borrow other true-and-tried plans and personalize them to fit their lifestyles. If they like the plan but don't know if it actually fits their current situation, NeedToEat will give suggestions to guide them.

"We are very excited to deliver a product that is both innovative and useful for those individuals who are trying to manage a preexisting health problem, those who are incorporating foods into their preventative lifestyle, and especially those who are trying to lose weight," said Nguyen.

NeedToEat's future strategy is to provide a platform where it seamlessly allows both the consumers and retailers and manufacturers to come together. Consumers will be able to eat healthy and stay on budget, while the retailers and manufacturers will increase product promotions and ultimately revenues.


Based in Orange County, CA, NeedToEat believes that empowering users to take control of their health, regardless of their fitness status and goals, will lead to better adherence, and ultimately better outcomes. By giving them control of their needs and desires, and making their goals more realistic, they are more inclined to adhere and be successful with their program. NeedToEat's robust patient-facing tool analyzes historical trends to give realistic guidelines, and incorporates real-life factors to suggest personalized plans.

The company was started about eight years ago by the founder, a physician and a gourmand, who struggled with weight problems for most of his life. He wanted a diet program that would conform to his lifestyle, habits and preferences. He found that most programs did not allow for this, and in addition imposed other restrictions such as having to follow a point system, eat certain foods, buy prepackaged foods, etc. After this realization, he set out to develop an application that would allow users to take control, as well as be intelligent enough to adapt to their lifestyles and set realistic guidelines based on historic progresses.

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