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March 19, 2007 09:00 ET

Neill and Gunter/Marbek Resource Consultants: Energy Efficiency Study Identifies Millions in Potential Savings

FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK--(CCNMatthews - March 19, 2007) - A recent industrial energy use study completed in New Brunswick identified significant energy efficiency opportunities that could pay off for the province's industries. The New Brunswick study showed that, relative to current demand, energy use could be realistically reduced by as much as 13%, and result in cumulative net present value savings of between $250 million and $500 million within 15 years. A 13 per cent saving is equivalent to the energy needed to heat 160,000 homes a year, or the output of a 300-megawatt power plant.

Neill and Gunter and Marbek Resource Consultants completed the $300,000 study that examined pulp and paper, mining, smelting, petroleum products, food and beverage, wood products, sawmills and other manufacturing sectors. The work included site visits to 30 industrial plants, whose combined use represent 60 per cent of industrial energy use in New Brunswick. The ground breaking study approach is being now applied to Nova Scotia and could be carried out in other provinces.

The study identified a number of measures that could be taken by the companies to achieve efficiencies. For example, improvements to boilers and pumps account for 31 per cent of the total achievable savings. Other examples of actions which could be taken include upgrades to motors, compressors, fan and blower upgrades and control system upgrades.

Neill and Gunter and Marbek Resources undertook the study for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, with the support of the Government of Canada through Natural Resources Canada and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and the Government of New Brunswick's Department of Energy. Potential program benefits include reducing energy consumption and therefore costs for the business sectors; reducing generation demands and emissions related to creating energy; and potentially deferring the capital expense of a new plant.


"Neill and Gunter works with many industrial clients to help them identify ways to reduce energy usage and costs," says Don Belliveau, CEO of Neill and Gunter's Fredericton, NB operations. "As design and consulting engineers, we have thorough understanding of industrial processes and related energy intensive equipment; consequently we can help clients implement money saving best practices that have been previously proven."

"This study confirms that energy efficiency investment will be a win-win for industry and the provincial economy, "says Martin Adelaar, Marbek principal. "The value proposition extends beyond the energy savings to improved productivity and competitiveness".

David Plante, vice-president of the NB division of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, said he looks forward to continued work on the efficiency file.

"By far one of the biggest challenges to the corporate sector is increased energy costs. We are very pleased to be working with our partners to see what can be done proactively to address those challenges in the years ahead. We would also be eager to share this study approach with other jurisdictions."

New Brunswick's Energy Minister Jack Keir says that the government will respond proactively to the study's findings. The province is already working with industry to identify the best ways to assist the province's large industrial companies to maximize their energy efficiency benefits by exploring opportunities to reduce current levels of consumption.

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