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May 02, 2006 08:30 ET

NeoAccel Unveils Industry's First Accelerated, All-in-One SSL VPN Network Security Appliance

Breakthrough SSL VPN-Plus Integrates High-Performance ICAA™ Architecture With Integrated Network Access Control Gatekeeper and Trust Agent

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- INTEROP LAS VEGAS 2006 -- NeoAccel, a pioneering innovator of next-generation Internet security solutions, announced Version 2.0 of its flagship SSL VPN-Plus Enterprise Edition, the first network security platform to combine an extremely high-performance, enterprise-class SSL VPN with integrated Network Access Control. SSL VPN-Plus eliminates the latency and overhead that keeps SSL VPNs from broad adoption by enterprises that rely on online business applications and/or VoIP, video conferencing, media streaming and other real-time applications.

NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus is an "anytime, anywhere" enterprise remote access solution. Its breakthrough high-performance technology architecture allows for efficient, LAN-like performance even in congested, wireless, Internet WAN and other "lossy" network environments. Through its Intelligent Connection Acceleration Architecture™ (ICAA™) and minimal-overhead Transparent SSL (TSSL) engine, SSL VPN-Plus Version 2 "never melts down" in delivering fast and uninterrupted application response for enterprise-wide SSL VPN deployments and responsive and stable application performance.

The SSL VPN-Plus performance advantage translates to, for example, multi-megabyte file transfers that take just seconds instead of minutes, and much higher-quality VoIP calls and video conferencing sessions with very few dropped calls and no low-quality sessions.

SSL VPN-Plus works in concert with the integrated NeoAccel Gatekeeper and NeoAccel Trust Agent to ensure policy-based network access control to discover and prevent malware outbreaks, insider abuse, unauthorized users or non-compliant client systems. If the NeoAccel Trust Agent discovers vulnerabilities on the user's machine, the NeoAccel Gatekeeper immediately quarantines the client system and automatically initiates the necessary remediation -- including installation of security software, patches or other policy compliance -- before the user is connected to the SSL VPN-Plus gateway for access to private network resources.

SSL VPN-Plus Enterprise Edition Version 2.0 also includes:

--  Persistent Connections that enables applications to set up and tear
    down TCP/IP connections as if they were connected at a LAN. The persistent
    connection keeps the link between SSL VPN gateway and remote client active,
    so there's no slow-start TCP/IP initiation when setting up connections.
--  Two-factor authentication via iKey USB token, QAT port forwarding thin
    client and clientless options that work with all SSL-enabled web browsers,
    support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux clients and enhanced end-point
    security checks.
--  NeoAccel's unique acceleration-triggered compression determines
    whether optimization will accelerate data transfers before invoking
NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus software appliance is based on the company's patent-pending Intelligent Connection Acceleration Architecture, which eliminates the TCP-over-TCP meltdown problem that results in dropped sessions and frustrated users and destroys the performance of conventional SSL VPNs. The performance advantages of SSL VPN-Plus are vital for enterprise-wide deployments -- particularly in wireless LAN environments where even minimal packet loss using conventional SSL VPN gateways can produce a 4x to 30x performance drain and result in unacceptable performance of real-time applications.

"Until now, SSL VPN vendors, remote access solution providers and enterprise end users have been forced to live with the performance problems and functionality limitations inherent in first- and second-generation SSL VPNs," said Michel Susai, chairman and CEO of NeoAccel. "NeoAccel understands the fundamental causes of the performance problems, and our approach to providing a minimal-latency, low-overhead system provides the cure. Our SSL VPN-Plus software platform eliminates the slow downloads, sluggish user responsiveness and poor perceived VoIP and video conferencing quality associated the conventional SSL VPNs, especially in congested networks, wireless LANs and Internet WANs with even minimal packet loss."

The Only SSL VPN for Real-Time Applications

Tomen Cyber-business Solutions develops and sells the Visual Nexus PC-based video conferencing system that can be deployed in conjunction with NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus. "In today's hostile environment, enterprises protect their computers behind firewall/NAT topologies; however, the standard H.323 video conferencing protocol requires a VPN environment to traverse these firewall/NATs," explains Akio Kawaguchi, Marketing Manager for Tomen Cyber-business Solutions. "Unlike conventional SSL VPNs, NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus opens a secure, high-performance tunnel for H.323 traffic to traverse multiple firewalls and NATs, while maintaining existing network security measures. We tested Visual Nexus with other SSL VPNs, but the other SSL VPN solutions suffered from poor performance. Only NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus enables us to meet our Service Level Agreements with performance of just 10 ms when used with 10 endpoints, while other SSL VPNs showed unacceptable levels of latency greater than 40 ms."

NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus Enterprise Edition gateways can support up to 20,000 concurrent users with high-availability throughput of up to 950Mbps. Optional SSL acceleration is available for leading encryption co-processors. SSL VPN-Plus features include full access for all IP-based applications, advanced encryption support, all popular authentication methods, all standard authorization profile elements, XML-RPC enabled administration and management with built-in AAA support, detailed policy-based monitoring and reporting, and multiple deployment options including multiple virtual gateways and WAN ports on a single gateway appliance.

"NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus provides our development teams anywhere in the world with secure, wire-speed access to our central servers, with exceptional throughput that utilizes the full capacity of broadband Internet connections with responsiveness on a par with a local LAN," said Ted Munnich, President and CEO of Black Tulip Systems. "SSL VPN-Plus installed easily and has been running without intervention and requires little or no administration."

Pricing and Availability

Available now, prices for NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus Version 2.0 start at under $20,000 for 100 concurrent users.

About NeoAccel

NeoAccel was founded by Michel Susai, the founder and former chairman and CEO of NetScaler, where he invented and pioneered the patented Request Switching™ technology that accelerates application delivery to handle the bulk of today's commercial Web traffic. NeoAccel was founded with the vision to "Secure Everything™" through secure access from anywhere to anything, NeoAccel is delivering a breakthrough in simplified, full-access SSL VPN technology that enables more businesses to implement highly secure, scalable access with the native network performance of IPSec VPNs. NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus software platform overcomes the limitations that compel network managers and users to resort to cumbersome or insecure workarounds when faced with using conventional performance-limited Web security mechanisms. NeoAccel is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Contact NeoAccel at or

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