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August 22, 2012 09:00 ET

NephoScale Brings DevOps Tools to Next-Generation Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

New CloudScript 2.0 Orchestration Technology Adds up to 10x Efficiency Gains in Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration Management Offering Compelling Alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace Cloud

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 22, 2012) - NephoScale™, a pioneer in bringing DevOps tools to public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), unveiled its next generation orchestration technology, CloudScript™ 2.0, which will lead the industry with its advanced cloud infrastructure configuration management capabilities.

"Infrastructure management is now a software development activity, and the adoption of DevOps is now becoming an organizational requirement. IT departments, developers, and business managers are now dealing with this new reality," said Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale. "The answer is a platform that allows users to manage all resources, applications stacks, code, and their associated dependencies in an easy-to-use and centralized fashion. To stay relevant, cloud service providers must build next-generation cloud infrastructure platforms that are built from the ground-up to support DevOps."

NephoScale has a big goal: to establish DevOps as the status quo within organizations by creating a cloud services platform that successfully brings developers and IT operations staff together in a way that enables them to make dramatic improvements in feature development flow, while increasing both infrastructure stability and reliability. CloudScript 2.0 accelerates the adoption of DevOps in the cloud by setting a new standard for collaboration, ease-of-use, automation, and governance. Today's announcement of CloudScript 2.0 goes beyond what is currently available with Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation by reducing the time required to perform infrastructure provisioning and configuration management tasks by up to 10x.

CloudScript is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) that is specifically designed to address the application lifecycle management challenges organizations face. While gaining access to resources on a public cloud is easier than ever, determining how to optimize an application's delivery at every stage of its evolution remains a time-consuming problem. NephoScale's next-generation IaaS cloud services platform addresses this problem, with its CloudScript orchestration technology, where users can provision their entire production infrastructure supporting a complex distributed application with a single click, and encapsulate all the operational intelligence about their application in a single file.

AWS and NephoScale are the only public IaaS cloud service providers that offer such advanced cloud orchestration tools, although NephoScale's CloudScript has significant advantages over AWS CloudFormation:

  • Support for idempotent operations. Idempotency means users can repeat or retry a configuration change as often as necessary without causing unintended effects. It simplifies programmability of the NephOS platform and reduces the number of needed configuration templates from upwards of 100 to always only one, vastly simplifying and accelerating the planning, provisioning, autoscaling, and on-going management of cloud resources. 
  • CloudScript Interpreter, a collaboration feature that makes CloudScript text files easily readable by both technical and non-technical users. Together, the NephoScale DSL and interpreter promote a new level of collaboration among organizational stakeholders, drastically improving efficiency and predictability in the planning and deployment of cloud resources.
  • Embedded code can be included in its native form without alteration or change to the code. Includes support for embedded languages or code such as Bash, Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc. to be run on servers

"Using NephoScale's CloudScript templates, I can now deploy WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites for my customers in less than 5 minutes," said Wilson Lee, Director of IT, Techordia.

"CloudScript 2.0 will delight technical and non-technical users alike," said Telemachus Luu, CTO of NephoScale. "By using CloudScript and the newly-released configuration management capabilities, users can collaborate, manage, and continually optimize their cloud infrastructure as simply as manipulating words in a word processor."

Today's announcement also includes an important new set of configuration management capabilities that work across the entire NephOS platform to boost IaaS automation and programmability. These features are supported by all three platform access methods including: CloudScript, the RESTful API, and the web portal.
New configuration management features include:

  • Ability to run "init scripts" at boot time, enabling users to automate their infrastructure more easily by eliminating the need to manually initiate a script or series of scripts after a server is provisioned.
  • Headless installation of Chef/Puppet from within a CloudScript, and subsequent processing of Chef/Puppet recipe(s) automatically after a server is provisioned.
  • View of post execution output and results of scripts from within the customer portal.

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