Neptune Computer Inc.

Neptune Computer Inc.

March 11, 2015 09:00 ET

Neptune Introduces the First True Personal Computer

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - March 11, 2015) - Neptune, a Canadian consumer electronics innovator, today introduced a new groundbreaking computing model - including the world's first true personal computer - that makes you the center of your computing life.

"We all have a lot of computing devices in our lives, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart TVs, and now smartwatches. That's a lot to manage," said Simon Tian, Neptune's CEO. "What if you only had one computing device that's on you at all times, and all the other devices are reinvented to become simple peripherals for your computing hub?" Much like a keyboard, a mouse, or a computer monitor, the other form factors aren't smart, they don't need to be.

Under this model, the constant need for syncing between devices is rendered obsolete, as you're always using the same computing device, just on different screen sizes. The cloud is always there, no longer to serve as a relentless means to keep devices in sync, but rather as an extension of storage capacity as well as a backup for personal files in case the hub is lost.

As files and apps are on you at all times, a lost or stolen device no longer means lost or stolen data, and devices become shareable. Authentication is only necessary for the hub itself, and is no longer required for all other devices. Furthermore, an application may be started on one device and seamlessly continued on another. No need to go through the hassle of relaunching or to worry about your progress, as the state of the application remains the same on the hub. Simply switch to another device, and you'll be exactly where you left off.

Devices are much cheaper, as they don't have all the expensive computing and connectivity components anymore. As inexpensive commodities, they can be everywhere; in your home, office, car, at restaurants, shopping centers, schools, etc. Any device may be yours; anytime, anywhere. Devices are also a lot easier to design and produce, enabling product designers and manufacturers to potentially create an infinite variety of form factors. Screens can be embedded into household appliances, car dashes, walls, and much more. Everything will become smart, by simply become peripherals for your hub.

Finally, by making the hub wearable, you become the center of your computing life, not a device. The wearable hub is, arguably, the first true personal computer.

Indiegogo Campaign

On February 17, Neptune unveiled Neptune Duo, consisting of Neptune Hub and the Pocket screen. "Duo was however only meant to be a soft launch for what's coming next," said Simon Tian. On March 17, Neptune will unveil Neptune Suite, a system of devices that encapsulates the first step towards this groundbreaking computing model. The Suite will be available for pledges on Indiegogo. All existing backers of the Duo will receive the rest of Neptune Suite as well.

A Thunderclap campaign has been launched as well to help raise awareness of this new computing model.

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About Neptune

Neptune designs and develops consumer electronics that aim to enrich people's lives through the power of disruptive technology and intuitive design. Neptune's first product, Pine, was the world's first standalone smartwatch. Neptune Suite, set to be unveiled on March 17, is a system of devices that encapsulates a new groundbreaking computing model - defining the future of personal computing.

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