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Powerhouse Worldwide

March 07, 2011 06:36 ET

Nerves Are High for Aussie Paul McGaw at Powerhouse Worldwide as Australia Fight to Be Reigning Cricket Champions for Another Four Years!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - It's a nervous time for Powerhouse Worldwide owner Paul McGaw as the Cricket world cup 2011 commences. With Australia as reigning champions, Aussie McGaw waits anxiously, hoping that they can defend their title for another 4 years.

"I think India will be staying at home and Australia need to learn how to play spin. The other strong team I believe is South Africa. On paper England are great, but without swank and some form. In their batting I think they are only a semi-final hopeful." said McGaw

"My heart is with Australia, but my head is with India."

In the spirit of competition, Powerhouse Worldwide presented their guys with quite the challenge over Christmas with the chance to win a flat screen TV or Nintendo Wii, a meal out with management, and a round of air softing with manager Robert Horrocks.

"Just before Christmas we set the guys a daily challenge. The people that completed this challenge successfully received a raffle ticket at the end of the day. At the end of the month the person with the most raffle tickets was the victor!" Lucky winner Matt Bowden was presented with his prize this week.

"I worked so hard for this, I'm psyched I've won" said Bowden "I can't wait to beat Rob at his own game. In fact I'm going to film my victory over him and then watch it back on my new flat screen TV!" Newby Bowden surprised everyone at Powerhouse Worldwide when he was announced winner this week.

"Bowden deserved to win he definitely worked for it. I can't lie though I was a little bit gutted when his name was called out. Deep down I kinda' thought I had it in the bag." said Bowden's rival.

McGaw's guys all clearly worked very hard for this, and it is reflected in the stats for Powerhouse Worldwide over the Christmas month. Their standard is un-arguably high at any time throughout the year, however records show that Christmas 2010 was particularly successful for McGaw and his crew.

"I like to show my guys a bit of extra incentive every now and then. I know they already create their own success through their consistent, exceptional performance, however I like to show my appreciation as a manager for all the hard work, but also I strongly believe in keeping the energy high within the office and boosting morale. I think a bit of healthy competition with the possibility of winning a flat screen TV, a Nintendo Wii and more is a respectable incentive." Said proud manager of Powerhouse Worldwide, Paul McGaw.

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