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June 17, 2008 06:00 ET

Net Optics iBypass Technology Earns The Tolly Group "Up to Spec" Certification

Fail-Safe Deployments for In-Line IPS, Firewall, and WAN Optimization Appliances

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - Net Optics, Inc., the leading provider of monitoring access solutions, today announced that its 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch with Heartbeat exceeded network link integrity tests conducted by The Tolly Group. The tests evaluated functionality and performance under simulated real-world conditions, and resulted in the device receiving The Tolly Group "Up to Spec" certification. Customers can now expect Bypass Switches to meet a standard test criterion, as part of an overall solution.

The Tolly Group engineers examined a complete solution that consisted of the Bypass Switch's in-line protection and a leading enterprise IPS appliance. Failures were introduced to validate the capabilities and fast fail-over times of the Net Optics iBypass Switch in various scenarios.

"Our Up to Spec certification tells buyers that the vendor's product performance claims are accurate and the features deliver the claimed benefits," said Kevin Tolly, president, CEO and founder of The Tolly Group. "Test results show the Net Optics iBypass Switch delivers fail-safe connectivity for in-line protection tools like IPSs and WAN optimization devices."

The tests revealed that the iBypass Switch protected link traffic in all tested scenarios, which included power outages of both devices in the solution, failures with the monitoring cables, and IPS software "glitches." Sub-second fail-over times were measured in all cases. The results also showed that the Switch delivered perfect data integrity and throughput at loads up to 99% of maximum line rate. (Throughput was capped at 99% to leave room for Heartbeat packets that the switch transmits to monitor the IPS state.)

Engineers also found that the management capabilities of the iBypass Switch accurately measured link utilization rates and generated alarms when the utilization exceeded a programmable threshold. Finally, it was verified that a new feature that enables the device to function as a conventional Tap performed as expected.

Net Optics Marketing Manager Trent Fierro commented, "We are not surprised to see that our iBypass Switch performed flawlessly in The Tolly Group tests. We designed the Switch to provide a fail-safe port for protecting important links, and The Tolly Group confirmed that it exceeds that goal."

Although The Tolly Group tested only a 10/100/1000 copper-interface model, the Net Optics iBypass Switch family includes models that support 1 GigaBit and 10 GigaBit fiber networks as well. In addition, Net Optics offers a complete range of monitoring access solutions including Taps, Port and Link Aggregators, Matrix Switches, and Media Converters.

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